Question about collabs


Always wondered about this right, say you have two producers X and Y

when the tune is to be named whats the difference between
[Track name] - X & Y


[Track name] - X Feat. Y

I'm assuming X & Y is a 50/50 split of the work but whats the threshold if any for a producer to be "featured" in the tune?




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when talking about producers, it mainly depends on the amount of work each person has put into the tune. So it could be like, one producer has a nice intro sample, then the other producer would do everything else. the one who did just the intro would be "featured" on the release as he was essentially just providing a sample for the other producer to use in his work. It can also mean feat vocals from a certain person.

Another point is when making collabs, who's name goes first on the release?? Seems petty to some but others very important. The easiest way is to determine is going by who actually started the tune, provided the key elements or If the tune has a nice hook or something that stands out or "makes the tune" then whoever created that would probs go first.

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that only really relates to ppl who havent done many collabs with each other b4. ppl who produce together all the time myt jus have a set way they prefer it to be listed.