Quentin Hiatus-`Seppuku / Save Me` [fld.Study]

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    Momentum is an understatement. Fresh off his recent interview with Drum and
    Bass Arena, Quentin Hiatus drops his debut release on Free Love Digi sister
    label fld.Study.

    March saw the release of his "It`s Only" L.P , D and B Arena called it "A
    truly intelligent display of the endless possibilities within the realms of
    drum and bass." This release brings forth "Seppuku" a running drum and bass
    track with dark, swelling and malicious bass undertones garnished with
    exquisite soundscapes and haunting drawn out vocals. "Save Me" boasts
    Quentin`s creative side with halftime drums and house-influenced darkness.

    With a growing support roster including John B, Zeds Dead, Loxy, Ink, Resound,
    Fade and many others, we predict a powerful year for this young artist.

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    LABEL: fld.Study
    ARTIST: Quentin Hiatus
    TITLE: Seppuku / Save Me
    GENRE: Drum and Bass
    CAT: STDY005
    RELEASE DATE: 2014-05-26
    TRACKS: 2
    Quentin Hiatus - Seppuku (Original Mix)
    Quentin Hiatus - Save Me (Original Mix)

    from Direct (from label)
    from Juno Download
    from Beatport