Quentin Hiatus-`It's Only L.P` [Free Love Digi]

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    I started Free Love Digi in the fall of 2011, since then we`ve grown and
    changed. For the better. The artists have evolved, our sound has evolved. I`m
    excited to do my first album on my own label. Creative freedom is so important
    and I urge other artists to take control of their creative future.

    This album is the sum of all my recent experiences, Good and bad. Enjoy.


    LABEL: Free Love Digi
    ARTIST: Quentin Hiatus
    TITLE: It`s Only L.P
    GENRE: Drum and Bass
    CAT: FLD020
    RELEASE DATE: 2014-03-24
    TRACKS: 9
    SOURCE: http://rinse.it/FLD020
    Quentin Hiatus - Give Me All Of You (Original Mix)
    Quentin Hiatus - Jovial (Original Mix)
    Quentin Hiatus - Digress (Original Mix)
    Quentin Hiatus - It`s Only (Original Mix)
    Quentin Hiatus - Def Poet (Original Mix)
    Quentin Hiatus - We Both Need This (Original Mix)
    Quentin Hiatus - Behaviorism (Original Mix)
    Quentin Hiatus - Unexpected Red (Original Mix)
    Quentin Hiatus - All We Needed (Original Mix)

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