Quentin Hiatus-`Change Everything E.P` [Free Love Digi]

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    Quentin Hiatus - Change Everything E.P

    Looking to continue forward motion within Drum And Bass music, Quentin Hiatus
    unveils his new "Change Everything" E.P. His style of D and B has spread
    throughout the globe and inspired a new wave of listeners and artists alike.
    It`s time to "Change Everything"

    LABEL: Free Love Digi
    ARTIST: Quentin Hiatus
    TITLE: Change Everything E.P
    GENRE: Drum and Bass
    CAT: FLD016
    RELEASE DATE: 2013-08-12
    TRACKS: 4
    SOURCE: http://rinse.it/FLD016
    Nate Jetson & Dame Luke - Doesn`t Matter (Quentin Hiatus Remix)
    Quentin Hiatus - Take MY Soul (Original Mix)
    Quentin Hiatus - Grey Matter (Original Mix)
    Quentin Hiatus - Change Everything (Original Mix)

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