Quentin Hiatus/Aura (UK)-`September Rising / Typeface`

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    Free Love Digi presents...

    Quentin Hiatus, Aura (UK) - September Rising / Typeface

    Free Love Digi label is back with more Drum and Bass goodness. Label boss
    Quentin Hiatus brings you "September Rising" on the a-side and rounds it out
    with the dark forward-thinking Aura collaboration "Typeface" on the b-side.

    September Rising soothes the spirit with flowing minimal beats and an
    infectious vocal topped off with moving synths and amazing atmosphere

    Typeface takes you deep into the minimal jungle of new school Drum and Bass
    where the darkness seems imminent.

    LABEL: Free Love Digi
    ARTIST: Quentin Hiatus, Aura (UK)
    TITLE: September Rising / Typeface
    GENRE: Drum and Bass
    CAT: FLD008
    RELEASE DATE: 2012-10-01
    TRACKS: 2

    Quentin Hiatus - September Rising (Original Mix)
    Quentin Hiatus, Aura (UK) - Typeface (Original Mix)

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    from Juno Download
    from TrackItDown
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