Quality sets?!?


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Aug 6, 2008
alrite every1!

I was wonderin if anyone had any suggestions for must have mixes out there...to put it short, I'm aimin to get togther a collection of some of the sickest sets thatve been unleashed upon the world!! :D

have trawled through alot on dnb-sets.de but alot of it is quite nichey if you know what I mean? am in general after upbeat, melodic houseparty style stuff, good general all rounders with a solid beat and decent tracklists- the ones you can imagine every1 recurrently goin 'oh yeaaaaaaaaaa choooooon maaate!' to?haha

what I means not unlike shyfx's, markys and high cont's essential mixes or the style itstooloud (intrinsic) go for...decent proportions of jungle ragga, dub, liquid, and occasionally commercial stuff all mixed into one

Im sure therell be no shortage on this forum so all your suggestions are welcome! thanks in advance!

brucey says take it ez :bruce:
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