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Nov 8, 2008

For the 2nd round of April, Ammunition Recordings brings you a mixture of electro drum n' bass style vs. a more dancy / minimal vibe, featuring 6 tunes that progress through a nice transition of elements via our 17th Digital installment, titled "Quality: Killer".

Bringing together huge talents from across the globe suchas Loud Sound (Russia), Xilent (UK), Nickbee (Ukraine) , and Treo & Tripod (Serbia), Quality: Killer has a sound as extensive as the geography of it's producers.

This one forthcoming Ammunition on April 20th.

Tunes Speak better than words; as per normal, some clips:

Click HERE To Stream Ammo's "Quality Killer" EP

Written Detail
Artists: Loud Sound, Nickbee, Xilent, Treo & Tripod
Album: "Quality: Killer" EP
Release: April 20th, 2009
Label: Ammunition Recordings
Retailers: Beatport, DOA, Juno, TrackItDown, iTunes, Amazon, Chemical, + more

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Nov 8, 2008
Just found out the tune Humiliation coming out on this release was played by Axiom in one of his Carpe Noctem mixsets!

axiom - carpe noctem mix august 08'


1. axiom - end in tears (citrus dub)
2. prolix - watch your step (ganjatek dub)
3. - double axle (audio fiction dub)
4. axiom - dead souls (citrus dub)
5. zero method - crispy rolls (dsci4 dub)
6. black sun empire & state of mind - red velvet vip (? dub)
7. axiom - funky fucker (habit recs dub)
8. prolix - twisted angel (ganjatek dub)
9. jade & matt u - dread moon (audio fiction dub)
10. axiom - untitled (habit reccs dub)
11. state of mind - wake up call (som music dub)
12. cause4concern - phatcap - phace rmx (c4c recs dub)
13. tripod - humiliation - treo rmx (? dub)
14. axiom - ulysses (close2death dub)
15. axiom & - euroneuro (audio fiction dub)
16. prolix - silverfox (ganjatek dub)
17. optiv - chaostherapy (redlight recs dub)
18. axiom - sputnik (close2death dub)
19. cern - true talk (renegade hardware dub)
20. future signal - ghost in the machine (audio fiction dub)
21. axiom - rock n.. roll, baby! (citrus dub)
22. axiom & optiv - borderline (citrus dub)

Pretty damn good mix too!


Nov 8, 2008
Fuggin Finally up on Beatport *shakes fist*

Also, this EP made it to the number one Spot on Juno so, bigup all for the support.
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