Quadrant & Iris Interview & Guest Mix (Vandal Records)

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    Quadrant and Iris rock up on the French power-house, Vandal, with the 'Scattershot' EP which bears voluptuous fruit in three guises; 'Scattershot' and 'Benzene' both give nice solid builds with great layers. The former is a more bouncy track and the latter more minimal and one thing is for sure - MC's are going to love them! 'Airbrake' is a full on classic bass in your face, rumbling Jungle heavyweight! Really fine detail in the low end here. It's a complete killer, which my neighbours are learning to appreciate!

    In-Reach's Lindsay caught up with the guys to get the low-down...

    Hey guys, thank you for joining us on In-Reach today! Your latest release ‘Scattershot EP’ has just dropped on the mighty Vandal Records; this must be a pretty exciting time for you!?...