Pyro/Jesta/Budoka -Vision / Happening [TILT005]

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TILT005 is the second split release on Tilt-Recordings and includes the label's first
tune by external artists: Denmark's finest Pyro along with Jesta from the UK.
With 7 years of output on various labels including TOV, Outbreak, Flex, Nerve, Leet,
the legendary Aspect & Perspective, the infamous Protogen, Habit, and more, Pyro was
also one of the first artists to release tunes on mp3 labels, starting in 2004.
And in 2006 he put quite some of his older unreleased tunes out on T-FREE.
With forthcoming tunes on Nerve and ELP Collective he is still not slowing down, and
it's time to pay tribute to this artist who has been the source of so many good tunes
over the past years - by releasing one of these technoid gems on vinyl.
Following the label concept, the flip is a fine piece of Neurofunk by our very own
Budoka who is well on the way for having his name marked on the Drum & Bass world map.

Pyro + Jesta - "Vision" 2006
This tune is a techy tool with Pyro's trademark sound, with king size structure,
arranged for being mixed, built for nothing less than blasting the clubs and raves
with it's massive wall of bass. And after the breakdown, a surprising downbeat
interlude and a monstrous build-up, the second drop bounces even more.
Unless you trainwreck it like the first DJ ever, this instant smashing sure shot
will tear down the dancefloors and move girls and boys, legs and hands.
Originally from 2003, "The Vision" had been scheduled for some other labels, but
somehow never came out. In 2006, Pyro and Jesta polished it up for TILT005: They
updated the sound and made it phat for today's standards and reworked some elements
from scratch against all odds - an amazing ammount of work has been put into it.
Pyro: "its the audio project from hell"... The resulting tune speaks for itself.

Budoka - "The Happening"
With "The Happening", Budoka both shows his respect for the originators of neurofunk
and interprets the classical virus sound within his own musical context and style.
The tune creates suspense with it's fast upbuilding beat, chords and a thick dark
athmosphere formed by the creepy paranoia pads in the intro. Then it drops directly,
almost like telling the DJ: "No need to even mix me, I do all the work by myself!"
After the drop, the tune seems to be very minimal and dry at first sight while still
keeping that organic feeling - you can almost see the bassist plucking his strings.
Then chords and heavy midranges start breaking out and weave a complex structure of
rhythm- and lead-riffs in a call-and-respone array somewhat like distorted guitars.
With it's overall warm organic drums and bass but sharp lead sounds and midranges,
the tune lies somewhere between good old funk reminiscences and a technoid future.


Complete promosheet:
According to the feedback we received from DJs about the promo, "Vision" 2006 by Pyro + Jesta tended to skip the needle after the drop, depending on the cartridge, its adjustment and the tonearm weight. It plays fine on Technics 1210 turntables with standard Ortofon Concorde cartridges, but anyway we had it re-cut for the sake of better quality. So, the TILT005 fullrelease comes with a new, different mastering and better sound on the A-side than on the promo - that's why it took so much time (3 months).

From this week, the full release is available in the record stores world wide (distribution via S.T. Holdings) - of course you can also buy it in the shop on the label homepage: