putting samples in EXS24, across keyboard

chris getme

Dub Logic
Jul 25, 2008
Iv got a sample and I would like to play with it on EXS24 with the sample across the keyboard so I could play the sample at any pitch. I know u can do this, and I wud rather do this than timestretch it every time I want to see what it would sound like at another pitch. Any help?
im not sure mate.
i end up loading the sample into a drag and drop kit with the drumkit thing(cant remember what its called atm) mulitiple times changing the pitch every time so on each key its a different pitch
This was really helpful. This vid shows how to put samples in exs24.

As the vid shows, press edit and drag the sample in. When I just put 1 sample in it puts it across the keyboard automatically. Im not sure if it will always do this. If it doesnt, look at key range (in exs24 - edit) and set the key range from c-2 all the way to g8. Great success!
Yea im afraid so. You can go to sample editor from the exs24 - edit part but no1 wants to timestretch a million samples. There must be some way of getting it to timestrech them automatically so there all the same speed cos this is an obvious problem. Ill need to find this out as the sample Im using is a bar ish long vocal line that iv cut up rythmically so itll sound shit. Fuk nos, ill keep looking. If u find anything out let me know mate.
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