Purple Unit - Dance Now EP [PSD015] OUT NOW!


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Sep 6, 2007
Purple Unit - Dance Now EP [PSD015] OUT NOW!


Audio clips:

01 Dance Now - http://soundcloud.com/purple-unit/purple-unit-dance-now
02 Electriq - http://soundcloud.com/purple-unit/purple-unit-electriqe
03 Fractal Glitch - http://soundcloud.com/purple-unit/purple-unit-fractal-glitch
04 New Dimensions - http://soundcloud.com/purple-unit/purple-unit-new-dimensions

Pirate Station proudly presents brand new EP from ukrainian musician Purple Unit.
Andrew is well-known producer who stood at the forefront at early 2000s, when eastern-Europe d'n'b scene began to grow up.
In 2004 he starts with a banger, releasing his first vinyl release "Dream Time", which instantly settles in hearts of drum and bass crowd in Europe.
On a tide of popularity Andrew begins touring, and as a result becomes one of the most wanted dnb dj's from Ukraine.
Dance Now EP is an Andrew's continuation of seeking for a new sound, and what we got is unique and fresh dancefloor killers.

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Tony Anthem (Future Prophecies) or (Bad Monkey Mafia):
"Very varied and good ep, Dance now is definatly a killer in my dj set."

G-ruff (Mutated Forms)
"Electriq is a very original tune, crazy combination of organic and synthetic sounds. The tight snappy drums and the double-bass make the tune special for me. Fractal Glitch - big techy roller, been playing it in almost every set since June."

''Heavyweight hitting tracks from Purple Unit''

Bassline Smith
"Thiss one is good!!!!!! Fractal Glitch - big up"

"Electriq is rolling and i like how it rolls. Pretty original tune it is! You will love the bass on this one ;) "


extra download Purple Unit live @ Global Gathering 2010 Mix


check out also:
soundcloud - http://soundcloud.com/purple-unit
myspace - http://myspace.com/purpleunit
facebook - http://www.facebook.com/truvibe
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