Public apology to someone who deserves it!!


  • I love him so much i want to tag team Miss Represent with him...!!

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  • Hes a cock but i still love him!!

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  • Hes a cock... Dont like him

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  • Ban the fucker!! :(

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Just want to make a public apology to Chloe. Im very sorry for the shit i said a couple weeks back, i said stuff that i really should never have said or thought. I had a pretty bad couple of days, and im very sorry that you got the brunt of it all. Im not making my excuses, because either way i should never have said the shit i did. So im very sorry Chloe. It was very out of charactor as many of you would probably agree. If we was talking face to face right now id probably give you a hug and make some kind of sexual innuendo in true rocks fasion!! hahaha

Anyway, Chloe, Sorry. I fucked up. I hope you can put it behind you and maybe one day we can look back at all this shit and laugh about it together....

So i hope you accept my apology. And we will put everything behind us and get this damn forum hyped up and on a friendly vibe....

Secondly..... Indi.... i apologise to you aswell mate. I understand i pretty much went straight for your jugular aswell when i found out you had perma banned me. Sorry mate, i know we have spoken on facebook and ive apologised, but i will once again apologise on here. So im very sorry and i hope we can all call this quits and carry on as normal!! *insert hand shake smiley*

**Ive added a poll... cause i know you all love it!!!
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not a problem mate.
rather put it all behind and go forward.
if you want to be part of the podcast and competitions theres room for you there. :)


Its all a scam so start stealing
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Nah. fair is fair. I may not always see eye to eye rock but he has the nuts to admit he is wrong. NOt that I am takin any moral high ground I love a good trolling, but tend to pick on teh crack head chavs that large it up , and see how far i can wind the cunts. So I ain't any better or worse.

I think its a case of the man usually isn't a cock, and we all tend to let each other know when we are.
I'd say fuck the poll what does Chloe say , Indi say , and the other mods. Not tha tmy opinion should count cos really man u never pissed me off and if you did it was prob cos I was larraping at you in 1st place.