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    WOOT!! The summer is here! But why are you sat on a computer? There are parks to be sat on ;) Hold on, why am I sat on a computer...

    This month, Psycle will be welcoming Gary Normal into the main room - who is anything but! Don't miss his stunning debut...

    The Chillout Room will be run by Nottingham's world music veterans: Percussion. A welcome return see's Ravi, Furry Hands and Samyouwell keeping us entertained all night!

    The backroom this month, unlike the flyer says, is Voltage! Hosted by Delete and DPI we can finally announce the line up:

    DPi - Original Dubplate Showcase
    Delete - The Jungle Roots Set
    DJ Lobes - Jungalist Vibez
    Graphics & Artworx by Fluid One
    DSF Soundsystem
    Visuals by Albino Mosquito

    Dubplate & Mix CD's for sale on the night!!

    Finally, we'd just like to say FUCK YOU MR BROWN, by dropping the cost back down to the 'normal' price of 5 golden nuggets!!!

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