Psycle - 11th Aug - Blueprint - Nottingham

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    Psycle - Blueprint - August 11th

    This month will be very special! As well as the usual mayhem of three rooms; we will be having an extra special area of fun...

    The Main Room:
    will be host to some of those damned fine Organised Chaos lads (Magrah + DN@), As wll as our resident Petran...

    The Back Room:
    Is hosted by Manifesto - Nottinghams newest mash-up night! Expect Glitch, Groove, Phasix and Ether to perform like no other...

    The Chillout Room:
    Will be welcoming back the Laughing Room...

    We will also be accomdating for you naughting smokers out there this month... with a bit of special chill-out action ;0)

    Blueprint - 509:511 Alfreton Rd, Radford, Nottingham.
    10 - til late
    Bring a Badger...