Psy Klone "The Eye of the Storm"

Psy Klone

SLC Drum and Bass
Aug 15, 2002
The Projects

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[1] Hive "Neo"
[2] Tech Itch "The Ruckus" (D.Kay VIP)
[3] Bad Company "Grunge 3" (Dieselboy + Kaos + Karl K RMX) **
[4] Eye D "Unicorn MF" (BSE RMX) **
[5] Future Prophecies "Plastic Dreams"
[6] Hive + Gridlok "AC/DC"
[7] KC "Destroyer"
[8] Loxy + Keaton Judgement Day (VIP)
[9] Echo "Danger Girl" (RMX)
[10] Raiden Bare Nuckle Fight **
[11] Audio + Mackie "Fireball" **
[12] Loxy + J Dub "Muppet Show" **
[13] K Step "Chaos AD"**
[14] Rawthang feat. Kari Rueslatten "Epilogue" (VIP)
[15] Dara + A Sides "Unholy Grail"
[16] Concord Dawn "Apollo 13"
[17] Resonant Evil "Be on Your Guard"
[18] Ram Trilogy "The Map"
[19] Kaos + Karl K + Jae Kennedy "Xanadu"
[20] Concord Dawn "Bad Bones"
[21] Hive + Juju "Headhunter" (Fierce + Keaton RMX)
[22] Ancronix "Check 6" **
[23] Sta + Paul B "Come Closer" (Ill.Skillz RMX) **

**indicates double-drop

Length: 68 minutes

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mekim said:
i'm really liking the track selection on this one ... however, some of the mixes just aren't there yet. pretty dope set, though.

Glad you like the tunes. What mixes are you refering to? I mean, there's one that stands out to me (in the 3rd double-drop), but if there's more that are off, I'd like to know. :)

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