proto-j presents: summertime rolls

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Aug 8, 2002
north cockitback!!!...
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and first i wanna send a major shout out to the mighty shyguy @ for hooking this up for a hot minute!... please check out the site for exclusive tunes, mixes, and more!...

so here it is: SUMMERTIME ROLLS

one for streaming/slower connections:

and a 192kbps mp3 for burning:

these will only be available like this for a couple of weeks (or until i find a permanant home for a file this big), so download it soon!...

the tracklisting is as follows:

1. total science - "juicy fruit (calibre rmx ver. 1)"
>>> krust - "jazz note (total science rmx)"
2. ram trilogy - "evolution"
3. marky + xrs land - "lk"
4. total science - "zanzibar"
5. 4 hero + goldie - "better place (m.i.s.t. rmx)"
6. arx - "feel da heat"
7. zinc - "casion royale (rmx)"
8. a sides - "membrane"
9. sci clone - "everywhere i go (rmx)"
10. roni size/reprazent - "brown paper bag"
11. )EI3( - "the bridge"
12. marky + xrs land - "love fantasy"
13. juju + calibre - "imagine"
14. j majik - "solarize"
>>> ganja kru - "gone are the days (hype's full club edit)"
15. accidental heroes - "summer of love"
16. rupert french - "lazy summer nights"
>>> unkut - "midnight (m.i.s.t. rmx)"


people really need to hear this w/ some kind of subwoofer to hear all the bassline switch ups, and for the overall maximum effect... i did 2 complete takes of this mix, and this one i decided to keep... there are a couple of lil' mistakes in the second half, but nothing i felt was worth doing it all over again, as this really was about the hardest thing i've ever pulled off in my life (listen and you'll see why!)!...

so check it out, even if the smooth stuff isn't your cup of tea usually, this is worth checking for the musical value alone!... please reply w/ other sites, ftp's, etc... where i should post this mix, and brutally honest feedback is greatly appreciated...

please enjoy!!!...


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Nov 29, 2001
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