Proto J presents: Groove Therapy

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Aug 8, 2002
north cockitback!!!...
Proto J presents: "GROOVE THERAPY"

an mp3 for streaming...

and a 192kbps mp3 for downloading and burning (please burn it and give it to anyone and everyone!)...

here's the tracklisting:


1. nasty habits - "liquid fingers (goldie rmx)"

2. m.i.s.t. - "moonwalk"

3. usual suspects - "doorway"

4. solid state - "just a vision (m.i.s.t. rmx)"

5. marky & xrs land - "lk"

/amerie - "why don't we fall in love (accapella)"

6. roni size & krust - "hopscotch"

7. die - "drop bear"

8. m.i.s.t. - "love & happiness"

9. digital & spirit - "cool out"

10. successful criminals - "crazy lover"

11. jill scott - "its love (mechanizm rmx)"

12. accidental heroes - "soulfood"

13. 2 sinners - "second thoughts (m.i.s.t. rmx)"

14. roni size/reprazent - "brown paper bag (photek rmx)"

/roni size/reprazent - "trust me"

15. seba - "planetary funk alert"

16. jonny L - "part of u"

17. klute - "part of me"

18. trinity - "i feel"

19. m.i.s.t. - "how you make me feel"


theres some lil' mistakes in there... lil' shit like jerking the pitch sometimes, and stuff... but i don't feel like doing it again... check the bassline switch ups, best if heard on subwoofers... the next one will have some dark buisness on it, so hold tight all ultra hardcore junglists!...

constructive criticism and feedback is more than welcomed... however, if you're just gonna come w/ some negative bullshit then don't bother, as i don't have anymore time in my life for argueing if i can help it... i'm just trying to share what i love, plain and simple...

thanx for listening!... enjoy!...

ez!... - J
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