Proplem in Logic 9 with adding audio file to new audio channel


Hoping a Logic whiz kid can help with this.

Something that has been bugging me for a while now that just randomly started happening a while back.

I use the logic built in browser to scroll through my samples one i find a sample i want to use i drag it straight from the browser onto the arrange which will create a new audio channel by default.

Once added to the arrange Logic seems to have pitched the sample down a octave buy it played it fine in the browser, i thought this may be something to do with the sample rate of the project not being the sample as the sample rate of the sample so tweaked the sample rate to match the sample but still no fix.

My work around for this has just been to add the sample to a new EXS24 but this is getting really tedious.

Any ideas on this one Logic users?

What Russla said, untick tempo information and then the track will return to normal pitch. If it is some sort of loop and you want it to be tempo synced, time stretch to the length it snapped to with tempo info turned on. The loop will be synced and remain the original pitch.


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I've encountered this problem many times. It tends to happen with older WAV files that were ACIDized improperly. What ends up happening is you get a file with thousands of embedded transient markers.

With some of these files, regardless whether or not you unticked "follow tempo," when you apply a quick time stretch or even flextime tools, they revert back to their strange sounding original state. One of the Zero-G Vocal packs I have had this problem. I eventually resorted to using one of my tools to do a batch convert of the entire back in order to eliminate all the shitty embedded info.