Proper Old classics for sale. dont miss em

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    May 17, 2004
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    I have a large list of old skool tunes with most of them in perfect condition. here are some to start you off.
    *labello'logo' one for the drummer
    *bizarre bizz1 im all right,roots controller,house controller,bondage
    *club zone 1 pick me up
    *furious recorings"vocation" equilibirium,kaleid-escape,factor 7
    *sykick promo skick002 nasty remix,the journey,upside,emotions
    *blackmarket international promo dj massive everybody feelit
    *plastic surgery "e" feel it
    *dub2 jah me fear
    *flex programe part 2
    *movin shadow 2 bad mice remix
    *wsl records "lets go" killer sound,something down 'dere
    *bizarre bizz5 goal kick,music,ufo,i want ur love
    *3 way split with dj easygroove.wicked ones,summers groove.
    *movin shadow tone def,hectic house
    *dead by dawn ep killersound
    *3 rude bwoy promo dreader than dread ep everybody..e..,gotta have your love,the herb,rufneckbabaloniandred,red eye dub
    *basement records 006 dj ltd promo
    *basement records brss008dj damage ep dj mayhem.

    Ive got fu****g loads more. please email and ill tell you the rest. anything you are after and dont see. let me know.

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