Propa Talent releases 'Elation' today!

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    DJ CJ vs Mezo - Elation [Propa Talent]


    DJ CJ vs Mezo - Elation

    1. Elation (Original Mix)
    2. Elation (Metasyn Mix)
    3. Elation (Metasyn Instrumental Mix)
    4. Elation (Dr Nast-E Mix)
    5. Elation (Mezo Chillout Mix)

    Back with a vengeance, DJ Rap's Propa Talent comes to you in tandem with Drum & Bass Arena to present a slew of brand new talent. On deck is DJ CJ vs Mezo with their debut release "Elation" featuring hard-hitting remixes from the likes of Dr Nast-E, Mezo, and the queen of DnB herself, DJ Rap in the form of her latest project: Metasyn.

    OUT NOW ON: Drum&Bass Arena


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