PROMO'S!!! This Week Are:


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Mar 13, 2003
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Right, after the excellent batch of promo's this week.........we now have to come back down to earth.

Anyway, a couple of good promo's next that's alright.


PROMO's - 16/17 October 2003.

Drumsound & Simon Bassline Smith - Get Through\Dangerous -Technique

Ill Logik & RAF - Could It Be\Hert & Soul - Ebony

J Majik, Futurebound & Wickerman ft MCMC - Pitbull\Mr Hunger - Infrared

Metalgear (Aka Counterstrike)/ DJ Impact - Broken Crystal\Evil Eyes - Dynamic

Moving Fusion - Remix EP - Ram
1) Chili Pepper (Remix)
2) Lazy Bones (VIP)
3) Reality (Remix)
4) Roll Da Bass

Perfect Combination - Acid Yeah/Push Ups - Freeform

Scamuel Jackson - Black Morpheus/Latino Girls - AK Records

The Dragon - Yellow Dragon/Tai Chi (Remix) - Poison

Unknown - Love 80/Soul 80 - White

Unknown - November/Unknown - Months *Formation*

Calibre, Zero Tolerance & Beta 2 - Stronger/Laid Off - Defunked

Element said:
got my copy of pitbull, looking forward to the moving fusion ep

where can i hear audio of roll da bass?

i've been looking for this one moving fusion song forever, hopefully its it
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