Promos/Releases w/c 7th June 2004


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S.T. Holdings
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NHS73 High Contrast - Twilight Last Gleaming [Hospital]
TPR12049 Pascal - Playaz Lounge EP [True Playaz]
CIALTD006 Total Science & Baron / Q Project - Monkey See Monkey Do (remix) / Night Moves (remix) [C.I.A. Limited]
B2B12081 JB & Spice - Razin Hell Pt 2 EP [Back 2 Basics]
RR50 various - Renegade Rollers 4 EP [Renegade Recordings]

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ESO002 Nucleus & Paradox - Neoteric / Exoteric [Esoteric]
NU12020 Beta 2 - Milan / Miss U [Nu Directions]
PLATE2122 Jay Jay & Mark C - Better Days / Bee Hive [L Plates]
HBT004 Psidream - Life Stream / Orbiting Earth [Habit]
SLR003 Kiko - Haze / Sabotage feat. MC Mecha [Shadow Law]
RISEEP001 Concord Dawn - Get Ready / Ninja / Let It Go / Horror Show [Uprising]

Alpha Magic
OBSCENE1 B Key - Real World / Enochian Keys [Obscene]
UPYOURS04 Rob The Builder - Scaffold Pole / Breeze Block [Up Yours]
KONJ001 Anon - Volume 1 [Keep On Jumping]

Nu Urban
CONGONATTY4 X Project - The Calling / Jungle Flow [Congo Natty]
JF004 Contour / Laroque - Come Tomorrow / Boomerang [Jerona Fruits]


S.T. Holdings
None this week!

REFORM010 Crystal Clear - Lets Get Started / Original Ridem [Reformed]
TECH025 Skyver and D-Jon - Beastie General / All That Stands [Technique]
BTZ008 D Type - The Mission / Slam [Beatz]

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NU12021 Danny C - Serious / Foul [Nu Direction]
PLATE2123 Xample & Sol - Disfunctional / Insania [L Plates]
SKYFI006 Sonic & Silver - The Russian / Crashmaster [Science Fiction]
RAN003 Silver - Armshouse / Last Action Hero [Random]

Alpha Magic
GRID027 various - Grid Remix EP [Grid]
NERVE015 SKC & Cord / Stare - Swarm / Underdog [Nerve]
ZOMBIE4 Corruption - Drive Time / Newsynth [Zombie]
ULTRAS01 Klone - Europa / The Bends [Ultrasound]
MTPHR05 Nightwalker / Spinal & Substone - Jump Start / Kinesics [Metaphor]

Nu Urban
EASYDJ029 Phantasy - 44 Mag (2004 remix & Original mix) [Easy]
UCR001 Genosa - Revolution (Original and Ed Funk & D Rok remix) [U.C.R.]
MB014 Shades of Rhythm - The Sound of Eden (04 Remix Project) [Maximum Boost]
RPG007 Phantasy & Shodan feat. UK Apache - Gimme Da Gal (Vocal & Dub mixes) [Ganja]
URBTAKE042 Majistrate & Nicol - Run The Streets / Expanded [Urban Takeover]



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Jungle Hunter
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Silver - 'Armshouse / Last Action Hero' how good is this piece of vinyl!!! Anyone else think the B-Key tune came out well quick it only got promoed about a week or two ago. Also any news on when the Quarantine EP hits the shelves? :beers: