Promos / Releases w/c 7th February 2005

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    SRD New Releases:
    REFORM015 Splittin Atoms – Rug Munchers / Red Roy [Reformed]
    WILD003R Skitty – One Cut (Tech Itch remix) / 24 [Wildstyle]
    RH64 Manifest – Raw & Real EP [Renegade Hardware]
    ZOMBIEUK01 Rob Sparx – Wolfman (feat. Spook) / Zombie Funck [Zombie]
    PBLR033 Xample & Sol vs Ray Keith – Consciousness / Consciousness (Ray Keith remix) [Penny Black]
    NSBP1 various – Nu Skool Blazers Triple Pack [Nu Skool Blazers]

    SRD Promos:
    TPR12055 A-Sides & MC Fats – Bring Dat / A Certain Sound [True Playaz]
    SHADOW175 Controlled Substance – Sadistic [Moving Shadow]
    INFRA035 Probe & Sylo – Ghetto Dub / Boobytrap [Infrared]
    RR58 AJC – What You Like / Sticks & Stones [Renegade]
    WAR009 2DB – Phatt Beat / Do It To Me Baby [Worldwide Audio]
    BIO010 Dioptrics, Facs & Scythe – Jinx (remix) / Funky V [Biotic]
    SIGN012 Undisclosed – Sagittarius [Signs of the Zodiac]
    B2B12085 DJ Spice – The Piano Tune [Back 2 Basics]

    ST Holdings New Releases:
    FILM005 Future Prophecies – Elektra / Eastern Organic [Sound Trax]
    FILM006 Noisia & Pacific – On Your Mind / Crippled [Sound Trax]
    FIX012 Splittin Atoms – Wot U Say / Slippery When Wet [Fix]
    ILL005 D Kay & Marcus Intalex / Illskillz – Transition / The Beat [Ill Skillz]
    PHUTURO019 Juju – Zombies / New Day [Phuturo]
    RADIUS005 You Don’t Need To Know – Mad Dog / No Darkness [Radius]

    ST Holdings Promos:
    720NU017 K.O.T.P. – Krypton Factor / Android [720 Degrees]
    SCALE12004 Omni Trio – Rogue Satellite (Deep Blue remix) / Less Than Zero (VIP remix) [Scale]
    SUBTITLES039 Break – Submerged / Diffusion [Subtitles]
    SUICIDE023 Klute & Calibre – Losing You / Chariot [Commercial Suicide]

    LOAD Media New Releases:

    LOAD Media Promos:

    Nu Urban New Releases:

    Nu Urban Promos: