Promos / Releases w/c 4th April 2005


This is Dog Fort
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SRD New Releases
RH65 Konflict - Messiah / Beckoning [Renegade Hardware]
VRECS006 Fresh & Darrison - All That Jazz [V Recordings]
VLV017 Dillinja - Feel My Pain / In The Grind VIP [Valve]
CHRG027 Blame - Rise of the Machines EP [Charge]

SRD Promos
BINGO027 Mood II Swing - I Got Love (Logistics remix) / (Chase & Status remix) [Bingo]
NHS87 Nu:Tone - Seven Years (Matrix remix) / Stay Strong [Hospital]
BTZ012 D-Type - Flutes / Ice Cream [Beatz]
TRIBE32 Suv & Surge - Mine (remix) / Nightclub [Tribe]

BINGOCD06 DJ Marky presents Bingo Sessions 2 [Bingo]

ST Holdings New Releases
MRL001 Mr L feat. Super Fly Seven - Back To Your Roots / Your Son Needs You [Mr L Records]
OBSE002 Kemal & Black Sun Empire / Noisia & Mayhem & Pacific - Stranded / Centrepod [Obsessions]
DIS015 Tactile - Aldabra / Caravan [Dispatch]
FILM007 Zero Tolerance & Beta 2 - On My Mind / Front Door [Sound-Trax]
SUBTITLES040 Phace - Brainwave / Polymers [Subtitles]

ST Holdings Promos
ADVR016 Calibre & Zero T / Beta 2 & Zero T - Secada / Diamonds & Pearls [Advanced]
BRANDNU006 Commix - Five Reasons / At Close Quarters [Brand Nu]
FIX014 DJ Evol - Curse of the Jungle / What! [Fix]
FOKUZLTD005 Mav - Me Against The Machine (Drum Origins remix) / Once Again [Fokuz]
HUMA8015 Vector Burn - Paradise Lost / Paradise Lost (D Star remix) / Diamonds & Pearls [Human Imprint]

ST Holdings CD's
SUBTITLESCD003 Teebee - The Legacy [Subtitles]

LOAD Media New Releases
EAST067 Uncle 22 - Soul Classic / Crack Head [Eastside]
C4C010 Cause 4 Concern - Dub Funk / Uncomfortable [Cause 4 Concern]
INTA004 Outrage - Critical Mass / Back Track [Intasound]
HBT006 The Upbeats - Late Nite Frite / The Gospel [Habit]

LOAD Media Promos
OBSCENE004 Cruel Intentions - Combinations / The Hustles [Obscene]
HBT007 Chase & Status - Hoodrat / Buda Fist [Habit]
CHANEL9622 Digital & Irie J - No More Violence / Red Hot [Function]

LOAD Media CD's
SDINSIDECD001 Salmonella Dub - Inside The Dubplates [Dub Conspiracy]
SDOUTSIDECD001 Salmonella Dub - Outside The Dubplate [Dub Conspiracy]
SDMONKEYCD001 Salmonella Dub - Calming of a Drunken Monkey [Dub Conspiracy]
SDKILLCD001 Salmonella Dub - Killervision [Dub Conspiracy]

Nu Urban New Releases
DSF005 Dark Sound Foundation - Nu-Ting / Mario 2 [Dark Sound Foundation]
INF001 Mood n Burns (The Force) - Short Fuse / One Reality [Infected]
MNB029 Capital J - Evil Streets (Friction remix) / (Kenny Ken remix) [Mix & Blen]
REAPA001 GPK - Vector Sigma / Percocet Nightmare (Bad Ace Inc remix) [Reapa Records]

Nu Urban Promos
APH048 Aphrodite - Dub Moods (Phantasy & Shodan remix) / (Majistrate & Nicol remix) [Aphrodite]
DODSAMP001 The Terrorist - Chopper / Chopper VIP [Decade of Dread]
DODSAMP002 The Terrorist / U.F.O. - Chopper (Shy FX remix) / Terrodrome 2001 [Decade of Dread]
REVREC002 Konsta / Muffler - Butterfly / Mercy [Revolution]
URBTAKE046 The Force - Drop It / Danger Man [Urban Takeover]

Knowledge V2 Issue 56 - Photek cover and Digital Justice CD.
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Digital Future
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New Advanced & Reapa bits shall be bagged

Will have to find some audio for the new Bingo & Habit things...


jay walker

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Mulla said:
New Advanced & Reapa bits shall be bagged

Will have to find some audio for the new Bingo & Habit things...

Audio for the Habit bits are in the news section 'got the Habit', proper grimey biznezz! :dutty:


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oh sheet. loadsa good stuff oot this week. i'm gonna have to be doing some overtime shotting methinks just to pay for these gems. looking forward 2 the new commix bizzle