Promos / Releases w/c 27th March 2006


This is Dog Fort
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METH071 Concord Dawn – Broken Eyes / Say Your Words [Metalheadz]
RHLTD03 Pendulum – Minds Eye / Trail Of Sevens [Renegade Hardware]
LQD014 Drumsound & Simon Bassline Smith / Syncopix - Club Sessions Vol. 2 Sampler [Liquid V]
DREADUK003 Bladerunner – The Rocker / Leave Dem Alone [Dread]
BAR16 Desimal – The Desimal Project Part 2: Fallen Man / Sun Destroyer [Barcode]
ICOM041 Tommy Knocker – Merlin / Piano Rock [Intercom]
ARX021 Skitty & Nolige / Skitty & Heist – Babylon Dub / Ghost [Architecture]
GRIDUK010 various – Liquid Allsorts Vol. 2 [Grid]
a.A-Sides – Pick Up The Pieces
b.Heist – Bomb Jack
c.Electrosoul System – In The Morning
d.Raw Q – Jagged Edge
FQY022 Eddy Woo – Tsunami (remix) / Solitaire [Frequency]

ST Holdings
DIS018 Stress Level & TC1 / Funky Technicians – No Way Back (XRS remix) / Lonely Girl [Dispatch]
FG001 Unknown – Feel Good Inc. (D&B mixes) [Feel Good]
FIX018 Splittin Atoms – Hook Line & Sinker / Peppermint Rhino [Fix]
PHUNK006 Basic Operations – 4th Street Sounding Click / Orange Crunch [Phunk Fiction]
RD001 inZtance / Lizon – War Without End (Future Prophecies remix) / Bravado [Red Dragon]
REVREC008 Propaganda / Counterstrike – Temptress / Everchanging [Revolution]
SHA007 Shock One – It’s On / Further Away From Me [Shogun Audio]
SUBTITLES052 Misantrop – Perfect Happiness / Criterion [Subtitles]

Nu Urban
LIQWEED004 Wickaman & Hoodlum – Sub Tub / Hold On (To My Horns) [Liqweed Ganja]
MA003 DJ Motion – Deathwish / Flesh Gordon [Maximum Ammo]
RPG016 Distorted Minds – No Test / Old Times [Ganja]
UDFR020 Stakka & Skynet – Timelines / Nightlore (Stakka & Skynet remixes) [Underfire]
PLAYSIDE006 Suv feat. Tali – Do You Remember Me (Remixes) [Playside]

TECH034 Drumsound & Simon Bassline Smith / Roni Size – Street Technique LP Sampler: Booty Call / Bus Stop [Technique]
BAR15 Identity – Brain Dead / Throttle [Barcode]
BB1220 Equinox – Unity / Rockers International [Bassbin]

ST Holdings
720NU022 Blame – Take Me Away / Livewire [720 Degrees]
ADVR020 DJ Lee & D Kay – Manipulate The Universe (remix) / Anyone Anywhere [Advanced]
CRIT021 Breakage – Blue Mountain / Astro [Critical]
REVOLVER009 Martyn – I Wonder Why / Share My Wings [Revolver]
SOSTUD007 Mathematics & Tactile – Chonga / Vibra Theme [Social Studies]
SOULR019 Klute – We’re All Dying / Come Back To Me [Soul:R]
TILT003 Amex / Kaiza – Shrinz / Next Level Nature [Tilt]

Nu Urban
DUBWIZE003 Unknown – Haul & Pull Up / Lion Dub [Dubwize]
MA002 DJ Motion / Alter Ego – The Bells / Mortal Combat [Maximum Ammo]
CONGONATTYREMIX08 – Tribe of Issachar – Tribal Natty (Generation Dub remixes) [Congo Natty]
SUPADUB-FR001 Stalefish feat. Supercat – Too Greedy / Murder Style [Supadub-Fr]
TOXIC004 Lil Kim – Lighters Up (Roll Out Mix) / (Pull Up Mix) [Toxic]

DDRAG025 Kilo AKA Clipz – Scum City / Muddy Waters [Dope Dragon]

BINGOCD007 Jenna G – For Lost Friends [Bingo]

Time Dependant

Jungle Hunter
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I've been away for a while from the forum & the rest of scence for a little while but looks like it's beginning to pick up again the last few weeks, vinyl buying is back on in April!!


Laughter in the Slaughter
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soundgirl said:
well excited about the jenna g album :cool:

Hell YA. I been rocking out to this Jenna G album for around 2 weeks in my car. Such a phenomenal album. I managed to Download a copy of it, and i still have a couple pieces of it on wax (so the artist will still get paid, i ain't one of those cd burning scabs - VINYL ALL THE WAY).

This album is a symphonic hybrid of well produced DnB, with smoth and infectious RnB sounds. Truly, this is the kinda stuff that is gonna broaden the DnB scene, and invite more of the Hip Hop oriented crowd into a new gripped DJ Craze, maybe Snoop & Dr.Dre are next?:weirdo: