Promos / Releases w/c 27th February 2006


This is Dog Fort
VIP Junglist

CIA031 Total Science – Never Had A Dream / Where We Are [C.I.A.]
BINGO041 DJ Zinc – Steppin Stones (Zinc & Friction remix) / Mistral [Bingo]
BB1220 Equinox – Unity / Rockers International [Bassbin]
BAR15 Identity – Brain Dead / Throttle [Barcode]
ZIQ135 Breakage – Drowning / The 9th Hand [Planet Mu]
ZIQ134 Equinox – Acid Rain VIP
a.Acid Rain VIP (Breakage Final Chapter remix)
c.Do You Understand Me?
HLT003 DC Breaks – Trust Me / El Miriachi [High Lite]
5HQ026 Unknown – Jump Up Chronicles Vol 1 [5HQ]

ST Holdings
CRIT021 Breakage – Blue Mountain / Astro [Critical]
P51UK09 The Upbeats – Ghobi Ghost (feat. Teknik) / Stick Together [Project 51]
SIG008 Calibre – Light Night Squeeze EP [Signature]
a.Light Night Squeeze
b.Brit Flick
c.Filter Tune
CAMINO12002 ASC & Motion / Greenfly – Switch Blade / Neural Net [Camino Blue]
RE-CYC004 XY-Clone & Blue Sonix – Stir My Soul / Revelation [Chrome Yellow]

Nu Urban
DST001 Nightwalker / DJ Panik – Point Break / Absolute Zero [Disturbing Science]
GANJACL006 DJ Hype – Mash Up Da Place (Original Mix) / (Origin Unknown remix) [Ganja]
GASM005 Trust – P.H.I.L.L.Y. (VIP remix) / Only U [Gasm]
INTRINSIC003 Mutt – Credence / Sharon’s Song [Intrinsic]
XS003 Benny Page – Lockdown / Stealth [XS]

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KEYNOTE005 Jazz Thieves – Song Of Happiness / Faith [Keynote]
NU12028 Basic Operations – Soul Hold / French Quarter [Nu Directions]
DVP005 Soulmatic – Getting There / Groovy Kinda Loving [Diverse Products]
OUTSIDER011 Trax – The Drummer Is The Heart Beat / Slip Away [Outsider]

BBK016 Pendulum – Hold Your Colour (new mix) / Streamline [Breakbeat Kaos]
BINGO040 Red Eyes & Youthman – Ghost Squad / About To Change [Bingo]
CIALTD010 Q Project – Greatest Thing (Total Science remix) / Bang Out VIP [C.I.A.]
ICOM040 Entity / E-Z Rollers – Portugal (remix) / Bellagio (remix) [Intercom]
DCOM018 Leon Switch – Tell Me / No More Answers [Defcom]
SHADOWXV111 Dom & Optical – Quadrant 6 / Concrete Shoes [Moving Shadow]

ST Holdings
CRUNCH005 Verse & SP / Verse – 36 Degrees / Jazz Effect [Crunch]
FIX017 Splittin Atoms – Wot It Is / Truth and Beauty [Fix]
HZN008 Duo Infernale – Playing Games (Original Mix) / (Drifter remix) [Horizons]
PHUNK005 Drumatic – Wrong Means Right / The Specialist [Phunk Fiction]

Nu Urban
DUBWIZE002 unknown – Dubwize Selection / Gun Lion [Dubwize]
DUTTY001 J Frequency – While You Gone Away / Sunshine This Morning [Dubwize]
GAIN024 Audio – G.R.A.S.S. / King Getara (feat. Mackie) [Gain]
GANJACL005 DJ Hype – Tiger Style / Going Out For The Loot [Ganja]
PENT001 Fission & Kaiser – The Pentacle / Apparition [Pentacle Audio]
XS002 Benny Page – The Massive / The Filth [XS]

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OUTSIDER010 DJ Trax – Beat Freak / Syncopation [Outsider]
FREAK018 Kryptic Minds & Leon Switch – Metaphor (remix) / Suicide Note [Freak]
KINETIC002 Callide – Herbal Nation / Mood Swings [Kinetic]
HBT012 Bad Robot – Dr Women / Lateral Hazard [Habit]