Promos / Releases w/c 26th September 2005


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New promos & releases coming this week 26th Sept. 2005

RAMM57 Subfocus – Frozen Solid / Juno [Ram]
METH066 Blame – The Search / Land Speed [Metalheadz]

ST Holdings
SHA005 Noisia / Drifter – Brainstich / Deeper Love [Shogun Audio]
PLAYME12002 Heist – Shut Down / Why Do You Hurt Me? [Play Musik]
OK001 Raiden & Propaganda / Raiden – Machine Soul / Ratchet [Off Key]
RL007 Mayhem & Psidream / Axiom feat. Optiv – Unsung / Nightfalls [Red Light]
P51UK008 various – The 5 On 1 EP [Project 51]
a. Dom & Gridlok – Hooked
b. Gridlok & Rymetyme – Don’t Hold Back
c. Gridlok & Silver – Black Notes
d. Echo & Gridlok – Ether

Nu Urban
FLATLINE001 Corrupt Souls & Submerged – Disturbed / Fall With Me [Flatline]
MB015 Dope Ammo feat. Capleton – Inta-National / We See Ah Who [Maximum Boost]
MMDD001 Devious D – Natty Dread (Dubplate Mix) / Natty Dread (Remix) [MMDD]
RPG012 Crystal Clear & Codebreaker – 2 Tone Sound / The Sickness [Ganja]
TNM001 Rawtee & Alex M – Jawbreaker / Jawbreaker (Zen remix) [Tight New Music]
ZOMBIEUK006 various – In The Woods EP [Zombie]
a. Zen & Psyche - Dub Specialist
b. Twisted Individual & Surge - Baggy Trousers
c. Surge - Slam Dunk
d. Harmony

CHRGLP002 Mampi Swift – Music Forever LP [Charge]
a. Music Forever
b. Nebula
c. Blame – Tornado
d. Blame – Solar Burn
e. Phenomena
f. Two Worlds
g. Black River
h. Feel Me
NHS95LP London Elektricity – Power Ballads LP [Hospital]
a. Power Ballad
b. Will to Love
c. Vapour Trails
d. Out of This World
e. Pussy Galore
f. Main Ingredient (SKC remix)
SBOY001 Shy FX & T Power – Feelings / Ruling Sound [Soundboy]
SBOY001R Shy FX & T Power – Feelings (Incognito remix) / Bambaata [Soundboy]
METH006LPS Beta 2 / OB1 & Kontrol – Vicious Circle / Angels and Demons [Metalheadz]
DREADUK001 Serum / Ray Keith – Dub Dread / Hot Girls [Dread]
LQD010 various – Liquid V Club Sessions Vol. 4 EP [Liquid V]
a. Jagged Edge – Rock Baby (TC1 & Stress Level remix)
b. TC1 & Stress Level feat. Jenna G – Lost In Music
c. Zero Tolerance & Rohan – User Deadly
d. Raf & Illogic – Forever
RH70 DJ Ink / Friske – Don Darko / Troublesome [Renegade Hardware]
SHADOW177 E-Z Rollers – Believe (Marky & XRS remix) / Rolled Into One (remix) [Moving Shadow]
WILD009 X-Plorer – Vicious Circle / Mosquito [Wildstyle]
BASIC005 arQer – Locomoco / Squalor [Basic]

MSXEP18 Calyx – The Wasteground EP [MSX]

Nu Urban
CONGONATTYREMIX06 Peter Bouncer – Junglist (Serial Killaz remix) [Congo Natty]
DUBWIZE001 Unknown – Jamrock / Soundboy [Dubwize]
EASYDJ035 various – The New Blood EP [Easy]
a. Shodan & Weva – Firewall
b. Shodan & Weva – Cousin Of Death
c. Half Life – House Of Death
d. Weva – Mad Wolf
RPG011 Generation Dub – Up In Smoke EP [Ganja]
a. Warp Speed
b. China Town
c. Tink Ya Bad
d. Inspector Deck
RN005 DC Breaks – Que Sera / Leave Me [Restless Natives]
SVLP001 various – Solid Vinyl LP [Solid Vinyl]
a. Mr Quest & Flyin Doc feat. Ragga Twins – Jerlipy Lipy
b. TC IZ & Ed Solo feat. Super TC Izlam, Skibba D & Det – One Time
c. Mr Quest – Respect
d1. TC IZ & Ed Solo – Shut em Down
d2. Mr Quest feat. Lady MC – The Message

ST Holdings
SUBTITLES045 Now & Tomorrow EP [Subtitles]
a. Now!
b. Vitamin P
c. Species
d. Oceans of Emptiness (Phace, Mayhem & Noisia)
PHUTURO022 Juju – Never Ever / The Streets [Phuturo]
IND023 Usual Suspects / Holdtight – Get On Back / Freak Out [Industry]
PLAYME12001 Martyn – Nxt 2 U / Deepwood [Play Muzik]
DSCI4LP004PT1 Muffler – Pandemonium / Doomed [DSCI4]
OBSE004 Chris SU / Desimal – Just The One / The Promist [Obsessions]
BS1012 Davide Carbone & Kubiks – After Dark / Strictly Rollin [BS1]

The Prodigy – Voodoo People (Pendulum remix) / Smack My Bitch Up (Subfocus remix) [XL]

SBOY001SCD Shy FX & T Power – Feelings (radio edit) / Feelings (12” remix) / Feelings (Incognito remix) [Soundboy]


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RAMM57 Subfocus – Frozen Solid / Juno [Ram]
METH066 Blame – The Search / Land Speed [Metalheadz]
SHA005 Noisia / Drifter – Brainstich / Deeper Love [Shogun Audio]
P51UK008 various – The 5 On 1 EP [Project 51]
RL007 Mayhem & Psidream / Axiom feat. Optiv – Unsung / Nightfalls [Red Light]


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