Promos / Releases w/c 26th February 2007


This is Dog Fort
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Nu Urban
ABSINC006 BHX Industries – Curzon / Neeedless Alley [Abstract Inc.]
COLAB010 Heist – Got To Work / Lazy Bug [Colab]
REDSPIDER002 J Majik & Wickaman – Casanova (feat. Top Cat) / C Style [Infrared / Black Widow]
INTRINSIC006 Soulmatic – Come Closer / Give Yourself Peace [Intrinsic]
NWR001 Fatman D / Nightwalker – Props (Nightwalker remix) / Population Paste [Nightwalker]
OA001 Jay Phonic – Ey Yo (Vocal Mix) / (Dub Mix) [Open Audio]
SECR001 Dub Alley – War Torn City / The Opener [Second City]
SECTION8001 Future Prophecies / Persecuter – Wonderland VIP / Test [Section 8]
ZOMBIEUK012 Vital Elements – Rude Boy / Trust Only Blood [Zombie]

ST Holdings
ALLSORTS001 Electrosoul System – Falling / Sing [Allsorts]
CITRUS027 Rawtekk – To Be A Boy / Hunter [Citrus]
SUBTITLES057 Spor / Audio – Molehill / Missing [Subtitles]
SOSTUD012 SKC – Vandalism EP [Social Studies]
1. Vandalism
2. Salvation (feat. DIS)
3. Do That Thing
4. Limelight

SLR005 Misanthrop – Bullhead / Defection [Shadow Law]
SHA012 Alix Perez feat. MC Fats – Down The Line [Shogun Audio]
LOVE009 Unknown – Bossy (remix) / Why You Wanna (remix) [Love]

RAMM64 Chase & Status – Dumpling / Disco [Ram]
BINGO061 Audio Unit – Palais Royale / Ascension [Bingo]
DCOM023LP Kryptic Minds & Leon Switch – Lost All Faith [Defcom]
1. Minor Nine
2. The Forgotten
3. After Life VIP
4. Dark Flower Remedy

B2B12094 JB – React / Rollerball [Back 2 Basics]

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FREAK025 Robyn Chaos, Audio & Dylan / Robyn Chaos & BKey – Rature / The Suffering [Freak]
KKA001 MC Santana AKA Semtex – Clockwork Dark EP [KKA Records]
1. Saturday Night Bomin (Loxy & Ink remix)
2. Bassick Inztinct – Heavy Rotation
3. Realiteez Gravity (Amaning remix)
d1. Real Live People (feat. MC Soultrain)
d2. What U Fightin 4 (feat. Witchhunt MC)
d3. Real Live People (Heavy Rotation Dancehall Mix)

ACAR0666 Replicator vs Pure Disorder / Bazooka – Vile / Sheep Killer [Aural Carnage]
SPIN001 Screamheads – Under The Sun / (Bungle remix) [Spin]
SHOUT014 Greg Packer – Dancehall Queen / Lady In My Life [Shout]
SCM002 Soul Mozaics – Word Up / Burning [Sidechain]


Nu Urban
BONGO002 DBO General feat. Bongo Chilli – Bashy Fashy (Jaydan remix) / (Original Mix) / (Hip-Hop Mix) [Bongo Chilli]
BENEFIT003 Crisis Loan / Social Security – Timbuktoo / The Belly Dancer [Benefit Beats]
FCY092 Die & Clipz – Number 1 (Roni Size remix) / Work It Out [Full Cycle]
HTL006 Eddy Woo – I Want It / Don’t Be Shy [High Lite]
MATOME011 Bad Robot – Life (feat. Seve) / Game Of Life [Matome]
PFUNK009 Contour – Colour of Silence / Medieval Love [Planet Funk]

ST Holdings
P51UKLP001Q2 Gridlok – Break The System Part 2 [Project 51]
1. London’s Burning (feat. Dom & Roland)
2. Hidden Threat
3. Flamethrower (feat. Echo and The Upbeats)
4. Modern Times (feat. MC Verse)
5. Infected
6. Badluk VIP

SUBTITLESLP003 Phace – Psycho LP [Subtitles]
1. Open Your Eyes
2. Fingerfood
3. Psycho
4. 3002
5. Cataphiles
6. Crevice
7. Tranquilizer
8. Rational

CITRUS026 Dizplay & Lost Sequence / Morebeat – Freak Wave / In Coma [Citrus]
FF008 N.Phect / Cerebral Productions – Shiftfunk / Exposure [Full Force]
SHA011 State Of Mind – Back To The Jungle EP [Shogun Audio]
1. Back To The Jungle
2. Belarus
3. Surreality (feat. Chris SU)
4. Dead Ringer

SYNDROME003 Noisia & Phace / Mindscape – Outsource (Misanthrop remix) / New Deal [Syndrome]
REVREC011 Nocturnal – Poker Face / Been So Long [Revolution]
HZN017 Survival – Friendly Fire / The Sun [Horizons]

METH072R Commix – Talk To Frank (Remastered) / Electric [Metalheadz]

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BEATALISTIC004 MTC Yaw / Dub Tao – Dirty Diamond / More Trouble [Beatalistic]
SYST005 Callide – Break Neck Style / Enter The Dance [Systemshock]
PHUZION008 Electrosoul System / Subwave – One / Out There [Phuzion]
SENSOR008 Prolific – All Night / Sumba [Sensor]
HUMA8022 Demo – Untamed / Backlash [Human Imprint]

P51CD02 Gridlok – Break The System (2xCD) [Project 51]

KNOW88 Knowledge V88 – Goldie cover, Nu Urban Music cover CD [Knowledge]


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Ditto. I do like Dumpling but I'm not sure if I'll buy it.

Time will tell!
Mate you wouldnt believe the amount of peeps who want it in the record shop i work in. One guy wants to pay £25!!!
I got my copy though :teeth:

Fes Rock

VIP Junglist
Not ussually a fan of that BB kaos sound on dumpling...but had this tune for a few weeks and it would smash up the dance....disco is all filler

and thaught theese were slated for the album?
is it the sampler?

Time Dependant

Jungle Hunter
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Loving Misanthrop – Bullhead, the SKC Vandalism EP is pure genius some really tight tunes on there, &
Pretty disappointed with the Rawthang piece what's happened to their production it just doesn't seem to pack the same punch as previous releases?
& how shit is the Turntable 1 & Represents remix doesn't do any justice to the original whatsoever!!
Sorry rant attack