Promos / Releases w/c 25th April 2005


This is Dog Fort
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SRD New Releases
LQD006 Artificial Intelligence / Q Project – Uprising VIP / Soulstar [Liquid V]
VLV018 DJ Friction & Nu Balance – Nemesis / Monsoon [Valve]
REFORM017 various – Reformatted EP 3 [Reformed]
DNAUDIO005 various – Gene Pool Part 1 [DNAudio]
ICOM034 E-Z Rollers – Deathsport / Stray Dogs [Intercom]
WAR010 Skyver & D-Jon – Start The Riot VIP / Dusk [Worldwide Audio]
SBA111 Dreamteam – Raw Dogs Relick / X-Files [Suburban Base]
CS001 Undisclosed vs 50 Cent – Sweet Shop [Candy Shop]

SRD Promos
METH060 Rufige Kru – Say You Love Me / Vox [Metalheadz]
METH060P Rufige Kru / Skitty – Say You Love Me VIP / Ruffness [Metalheadz]
NHS89 Ill Logic & Raf – We Are Now / The Price [Hospital]
CIA024 Juju – Mojohand / Nomad [C.I.A.]
BCP006 Upbeats / Body & Soul – Werewolf / My Dues [BC Presents]
GRIDUK003 various – Hung, Drawn & Slaughtered EP 1 [Grid]
TECH028 Skyver & D-Jon – Claw / Justice VIP [Technique]


ST Holdings New Releases
31R028 Devize & Three A – Once Again / We Dunno [31 Records]
BRIG002 D Kay – Planet Music / Undercover Funk [Brigand]
CUBIK009 Peshay – Buzz / Atlantis [Cubik]
CUZ007 Beny Page / Rhythm Beater – Tempest / Crazy [Cutters Choice]
EMCEE017 Darren B – Leapfrog / Danger [Emcee]
HAZE002 Kantyze – Scorpio (Kaos, Karl K & Jae Kennedy remix) / (Original) [Haze]

ST Holdings Promos
DSCI4015 Task Horizon – Feel For You / Vicious Circle [DSCI4]
FILM008 Big Bud – Fear of Flying Album Sampler 1 [Sound-Trax]
SAN019 Simon V – Keep The Faith (feat. Shoot The Kitten) / Odysseus [Santorin]
SUBTITLES042 Noisia – Monster EP [Subtitles]
SDCDSAMP001 J Laze / Romay – For Your Eyez / Rebellion [Strictly Digital]
VIOLP001 Hive, Keaton, Echo & Gridlok - Welcome To The Violence LP [Violence]

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LOAD Media New Releases
FREAK011 B-Key – The Test / Unleash [Freak]
CYAN016 Pacific – Supersonic / Want You So [Cyanide]
SDR12017 Skynet – Carbon Shock / Time Travel [Sudden Def]

LOAD Media Promos
SHOUT004 Unknown – Can’t Satisfy Her / In This Time [Shout]
OUTSIDE006 Fracture & Neptune / Con.Struct – The Ice Planet / I Feel The Earth Move [Outsider]
SDR12018 Task Horizon – Come Forward / Light Cycles [Sudden Def]

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Nu Urban New Releases
CODED003 Monkey & Large – Ruff Ridin Sound / Driftin [Coded]
CYMBLTD002 Greg Packer feat. Assasin – Ragganinja / No Man [Cymbalism Limited]
FRONT075 DJ Evol – Going Ruff / The Nightmare [Frontline]
JFEP001 various – Global Sessions Volume 1 [Jerona Fruits]
NV0501 Rareform vs Resin – Fear Grips (Opius remix) / (Rareform remix) [New Vision]

Nu Urban Promos
ADVISORY009 DJ Sappo – Ryde or Die / Soundbwoy [Advisory]
FRONT076 DJ Hazard – Surprise Surprise / Times Up [Frontline]
GANJACL005 DJ Hype – Tiger Style / Going Out For Da Loot [Ganja Classics]
GRAFFS003 Rhythm Beater / Beny Page – Midget With Ah Bora / Pinball [Graff Series]
HUS005 Natural Emcee – Caribana / Bus It Up [Hustlin’ Beats]
IAP001 Crystal Clear / Xample & Sol – No Sell Out (Xample & Sol remix) / Underworld (Crystal Clear remix) [Industry Artists]


jay walker

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DjEffect said:
is it just me or have the releases & promos lately been dissapointing?
id have to disagree with that bro - the blame ep, noisia ep, all the the renegade hardware gubbins, Reformatted ep, have all be heavyweight imo, but im not diputing the amount of shite out there, you jus gotta shovel a path to the good stuff.