Promos / Releases w/c 24th October 2005


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New promos & releases - 24th October

BINGOJG002 Jenna G – Quick Love (Original Mix) / Rising [Bingo]
BINGOJG002R Jenna G – Quick Love (Zinc remix) / Pilgrimage [Bingo]
BBK013 Drumsound & Simon Bassline Simth – Killer DJ / Big Tings [Breakbeat Kaos]
EXITVS002 D-Bridge vs Commix / D-Bridge vs Calibre – Providence / Hot Flush [Exit]
RH71 Evol Intent – Police State EP [Renegade Hardware]
a. Flipside (feat. Blip)
b. Call To Arms
c. Filth Bath (feat. Corrupt Souls)
d. Street Knowledge
SHADOW178 Matt U & Jade – Salem / Nightmare [Moving Shadow]
SUBBASIC01 DJ Spice – Boogie Fever / With You [Subbasics]
NHS98 various – Future Sound of Budapest [Hospital]
a. Chris SU & SKC – What’s Happening?
b. SKC & Bratwa – Time Is Now
c. Mindscape – Chillin’
d. SKC – Semi Bluff

ST Holdings
BRIG004 D Kay – Serenade / Different Being [Brigand]
FILM012 Amaning – DG / Soul Joy [Sound-Trax]
FOKUZLTD007 Mav vs Autumn – Ocean Phantom / Its Always About The Girl [Fokuz]
JNR006 Allied Force – Summer Madness / Highly Strung [Just Noyze]
SUICIDE031 Klute – Learning Curve / Hell Hath No Fury [Commercial Suicide]
VPR004CBPT1 Jaquan / State of Mind – Pathfinder / Hold Down [Viper]

Nu Urban
FRONT079 Pascal – Serious Sounds (DJ Friction remix) / (DJ Friction & Nu Balance remix) [Frontline]
RSOUND002 Hazard / Dee3Dee – Hedz Must Roll / Change Of Plan [R-Sound]
RPG014 Potential Badboy feat. Fats – Girls / Jump 2 The Sound [Ganja]
EASYW001 Che – Blast The System / Step Up Sucker [Easy]
EASYW002 Shodan & Escher – Space Race / Tapeworm [Easy]
INTRINSIC002 BCee & Lomax – Unbreakable / Misguided [Intrinsic]
NVRLTD001 Rareform – Can’t Think, Can’t See / You’re Gonna Pay [New Vision]

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TYME033 Duo Infernal – Lost in the World / Infernal Dub [Timeless]
RAN009 Bulletproof / Subtone – Gangway / Encounters [Random]
SDR12020 Skynet / Ancronix – Caron Shock (Noisia remix) / Lightly Salted [Sudden Def]
EAST072 A-Sides & DJ Marky – Special Lady / Monpellier [Eastside]
OUTSIDE008 Macc – Journeys / If… [Outside]
SOSTUD006 Mathematics & Mijatoto – Move It Down / Infiltrate [Social Studies]
LDR002 Aries & Division One – Crazy / Nuff Reggae Music [Lion Dub]
REBOU002 Unknown – A Special / Sky Burning VIP [Rebound]
SHOUT008 Unknown – Blunt’z / Babylon Boy [Shout]

WR001 Artificial Intelligence – The Big Picture / Shinkansen [Widescreen]
BINGOJG001 Jenna G – Woe / Silent Wonder [Bingo]
METH066 Blame – The Search / Land Speed [Metalheadz]
PASA023R Aquasky & Meat Katie – Overneath (D-Bridge remix) [Passenger]

ST Holdings
31R029 The Insiders – Deep Down / Back and Forth [31 Records]
31R030 State of Mind – Mind Slicer / Nations [31 Records]
EMCEE019 Sabre feat. Kase – Things & Riches / Gift You Gave [Emcee]
HEDGE019 Drumagick / X-Plorer – Time To Get Up / Can’t Stop [Hard Edged]
MRL003 Mr L – Hey / Joe [Mr L]
REVREC004 Counterstrike & Sunchase / Counterstrike, Sirus & Soma – Nemesis (feat. Tasha) / Ghost [Revolution]
SAN020 Young AX – Midnight Sun / In My Neighbourhood [Santorin]
TD011 Su3-ject / N.phect & Dizplay – Rage (Counterstrike remix) / Centroid (Su3-ject remix) [Trickdisc]
ZED004 Rob Sparks – Night Shade / Meddusa [Zed Audio]

Nu Urban
CNV6 Rebel MC – Revolution / Creation Rebel [Congo Natty]
CYMB003 Gyromite & Subsonik – After All / Remember [Cymbalism]
ELPC001 Electrosoul System – Call My Name / Skysurf [ELP Collective]
RPG012 Crystal Clear & Code:Breaker - 2 Tone Sound / The Sickness [Ganja]
XS001 Benny Page – Balihoo / Rocker Switch [XS]

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TI044 Limewax – Changing Crisis EP [Techical Itch]
a. Changing Crisis
b. Start
c. Cracking Core
d. Complete Door
EAST071 A-Sides – Back Over Me / Indigo [Eastside]
FREAK016 Limewax – The Lawra / Eyes of Evil [Freak]
KEYNOTE002 SoulDrop – Stingray [Keynote]
OBSCENE009 Limewax – Satanina / Emato [Obscene]
HOSTILE009 SKC / State of Mind – Space Pigz / Chicago [Hostile]
SHOUT007 Unknown – Ordinary Man / Love [Shout]

DJ Marky & XRS / Bungle – Distant Lover / 25th Floor [Innerground]

WILD001CD DJ Wildchild presents: Wildstyle [Wildstyle]
CRSE003CD Fabio presents Liquid Funk Volume Two [Creative Source]
RHLP08CD Horsemen – Apocalypse (2xCD) [Renegade Hardware]
SIGCD001 Calibre – Second Sun [Signature]

KNOW262 Knowledge Magazine – Calibre cover [Knowledge]


Laughter in the Slaughter
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EXITVS002 D-Bridge vs Commix / D-Bridge vs Calibre – Providence / Hot Flush [Exit]

Lookin to hear some audio clips of this one.


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loads a good materials out this week be it dark or light, boh.

gonna have to pimp a little bit more this week to makeup the shortfall on funds :pimp:

ultra respect to Mr SDM for this thread everyweek