Promos / Releases w/c 21st March 2005


This is Dog Fort
VIP Junglist

SRD New Releases
SBA110 Austin – I Get High / Unity In Dub [Suburban Base]
WILD007 Laroque – Throw Your Hands Up / Shock [Wildstyle]
DCOM014EP Kryptic Minds & Leon Switch – Blackout Vol. 1 [Defcom]

SRD Promos
ASADOW33L Calyx – No Turning Back LP [Moving Shadow]
LQD006 Artificial Intelligence / Q Project – Uprising VIP / Soulstar [Liquid V]
TECH027 Drumsound & Simon Bassline Smith – Valley of the Kings Part 1 EP [Technique]
HLT001 Eddy Woo – Made Up Funk / Thinking Of You [High Lite]
ICOM034 E-Z Rollers – Deathsport / Stray Dogs [Intercom]
VLV018 DJ Friction & Nu Balance – Nemesis / Monsoon [Valve]
NHS88LP various – Weapons of Mass Creation 2 LP [Hospital]
TPR12056 various – Extended Playaz Remixes [True Playaz]
BAR10 various – Mercenaries EP [Barcode]

ST Holdings New Releases
720NU017 K.O.T.P. – Krypton Factor / Android [720 Degrees]
ADVR014 Basic Operations – Earsoul / Caulker Sunrise [Advanced]
BLINDOB001 Physics – Dreamworld / Pass The Blame [Blindside]
FIX013 Crystal Clear, Xample & Sol – Raw / Outcast [Fix]
MAC013 Rising Sun – Well Well / Sym 4 [Mac II]
SUICIDE023 Klute & Calibre – Losing You / Chariot [Commercial Suicide]

ST Holdings Promos
BARONINC005 Baron – Squelch (Subfocus remix) / (Generation Dub remix) [Baron Incorporated]
CF005 Crossfire – The Rush / Hawaiian Snow [Crossfire]
CRUNCH002 Verse & Keaton feat. Angel – White Crow / Journey Thru Haze [Crunch]
P51UK07 Keaton & Gridlok – Move On / Get Away [Project 51]
STR004 DJ Red – The Fury / Sonic Sunset [Stealth]

LOAD Media New Releases
OBSCENE003 Thinktank – Ritual / Skyscraper [Obscene]
SDR12016 Task Horizon – Monkey Mash / Guardian [Sudden Def]

LOAD Media Promos
JHR001 Potential Badboy – L.O.V.E. / Strictly Drum N Bass [Jekyll & Hyde]
HOSTILE007 Skynet – Broken Law / Paradise Alley [Hostile]
CYAN016 Pacific – Supersonic / Want You So [Cyanide]
SECOPS004 Seba – Shapeshifter / External Reality [Secret Operations]
FREAK011 B Key – The Test / Unleash [Freak]
TPT011 Fatal – Wake Up / Torn [Transparent]

Also on CD:
CIAVA2 Total Science – Audioworks Vol. 2 [C.I.A.]
sdm said:
Getting that requires true promo whore status. I'm not sure I am up to scratch :-/
yea ive been refreshing about 10 sites for 4 days solid... the only one it was on was dnbsource back on saturday for about 10 mins... someone on DOA said real promo is next week...