Promos / Releases w/c 20th March 2006


This is Dog Fort
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VRECSUK011 Dave Angel – Rotation (DJ Marky & XRS remix) / Brothers (XRS remix) [V Recordings]
SBOY003 Benny Page / Visionary – Turn The Lights Down / Soundboy Burial [Soundboy]
W10002 Brookes Brother – Portal / Desert Island [W10 Records]
METPLA005 Ill Logic & Raf – White Noise EP [Metalheadz]
a. Art & Illusion
b. Inside Out
c. The Republic
d. Uneasy
NHS105 Q Project – Computer Love EP [Hospital]
a. Computer Love
b. Silicon Mistress
c. Language Barrier
d. Roy & Lisa
SUBASICS02 DJ Spice – Death Wish / 2 Dem [Subbasics]
CI003 Alpha Omega – 10 Faces of Death / Discard The Truth [Counter Intelligence]
WAR014 2DB – Tequila Slammer / Legacy [Worldwide Audio]
BINGO043 Le Funken / Roy Davis Jnr – Stand Up (Makoto remix) / Lost Tapes (Qualified remix) [Bingo]

ST Holdings
31R033 C.A.B.L.E. – My Reason To Live / All About The News [31 Records]
FILM015 Motive / Henree – Nu Day / One Luv [Sound-Trax]
IND024 various – Powder To The People EP [Industry]
a. Genetics – Extinction
b. EBK – Powder People
c. EBK & Prolix – Vacuum
d. Cortex – Rupture
OSR016 Sileni – Twitchy Droid Leg (Graphic remix) / (Titonton Refreak) [Offshore]
PRCSN26 Pentagon / Makai – Ladybird (D Kay remix) / Snow Crash [Precision]
PRSPCT002 Counterstrike / Counterstrike & Eye D – The Power To Distort / Motherfucking Skulls [Prospect]
SPACER016 Sonic & Silver – The Return of Sonic & Silver EP [Space]
a. Sonic – House Is A Way Of Life
b. Sonic – Freedom Dub
c. Silver – Tronik House
d. Silver – Push Da Pram
SUBTITLES050PT1 various – Subtitles 50 Part 1 [Subtitles]
a. Calyx & Teebee – The Quest
b. Noisia & Phace – Thrillseekers
c. Teebee – Twosides
d. Break – Extreme
SYN004 Syncopix – Together Again (Logistics remix) / Dos Or Die [Syncopix]

Nu Urban
2FX001 Portal – Bad Habits / Really Wanna Party [2FX]
JD002 CLS & Wax / Souldrop – Sometimes / Monsoon [Jerona Dubs]
DTR005 Skynet – Moon Patrol / Turmoil [Discrete]
FRONT082 Crystal Clear & Code:Breaker – All I Know / Brother [Frontline]
STYPE003 The Force – Keep Rocking / Untouchable [Sterotype]
UPRS001 Massiw & Atomik Tags vs Jungle Brothers – Take It Back / Deep [Urban Pressure]

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BLD009 The Kraft – Slayer / Time 4 Change [Blade]
SHOUT010 Unknown – Lion Raw / Road Long [Shout]

NHS103 Cyantific – Ghetto Blaster [Hospital]
RH75 various – Carpe Diem Part II – Purgatory [Renegade Hardware]
a. Noisia – Subdue
b. Prolix & Nocturnal – Condemned
c. Loxy – Warlord
d. Black Sun Empire – Mindset
e. Spor – Ignition
f. DJ Friction & K Tee – Overtime
ZIQ134 Equinox – Acid Rain VIP [Planet Mu]
a. Acid Rain (Breakage Final Chapter mix)
b. Breakestra
c. Do You Understand Me?
d. Forgiving
ZIQ135 Breakage – Drowning / The 9th Hand [Planet Mu]
B2B12092 Dred Bass – We’re Coming / Energizer [Back 2 Basics]
SCR001 Genetix – Structures (Future Prophecies remix) / Spektral Rays [Secure]
SHADOWVX144 Dom & Roland – Can’t Punish Me / Sky Spirits [Moving Shadow]

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BS1013 Davide Carbone & Amaning – Liquidiser / Misty VIP [BS1]
DSCI4LP004PT4 Mindscape / Mindscape & Spinline – Bitcrusher / Surveillance [DSCI4]
FOKUZ022 Electrosoul System / FX909 – On The Beach / Les Jolies Choses [Fokuz]
RL008 The Upbeats & Bulletproof – Universe / Rapture [Red Light]
PM010 Paradox – Hologram / Crustline [Paradox]
REVREC007 Counterstrike / Prode – Pierced / Sun Influences [Revolution]

Nu Urban
EASYDJ036 Phantasy & Shodan – War Of The Worlds / You’re All Alone [Easy]
FRONT081 Taxman – Too Bad / Electric Blue [Frontline]
REAPA003 Bad Ace Inc. – Feel For You / 100% [Reapa]
SD002 Loxy & Amaning / Silva D – Psalms / Bad Boyz [Sounds Devious]
STEP007 Royce & Freesteppa / Muffler – Galactica (Muffler remix) / Mind Control [Steppasoundz]

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TYMELP001 Tactile – The Super System LP [Timeless]
a. Supersystem
b. Kentari
c. Posers
d. Changing Slowly
e. Maharajah
f. Chrome
g. Sandtrap
h. Collie
13MUSICLP001 Alaska – Arctic Foundations LP [13 Music]
a. Archaic
b. Criterion
c. Perimeter Two
d. Born Again
e. How You Feel
f. 8th Sense
g. The Afterlife
h. B-Boy Antiquity
SS005 Infamy / Fanu – Trail of Tears / World Behind A World [Soothsayer]
INTA008 DJ Vapor – Flies On Shit / Shampoo [Intasound]
13MUSIC003 Resound / Macc – Crystal Dreams / Alternate Misery [13 Music]
CYANIDE018 Subtone – Deathblow / Galapogos [Cyanide]

KNOW265 Knowledge – DJ Fresh cover [Knowledge]

RAMMLPCD8 Andy C presents Nightlife 3 [Ram]
NHS103CD Cyantific – Ghetto Blaster [Hospital]
RHLP10CD various – Carpe Diem [Renegade Hardware]


Laughter in the Slaughter
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I little bit of everything...

I usually one labels releases to show a little more strongly than the rest, But this week is a dent to the wallet no matter what...


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deadaelus said:
....and besides big HELL YA to SDM for bringin back the promoi listings....tis appreciated!
seconded! really appriciate if the man could keep postin em, because searchin on doa for this thread is an absolute pain the friggin ass...

big up sdm! :slayer: