Promos / Releases w/c 18th July 2005


This is Dog Fort
VIP Junglist

Release date: 25th July 2005.

SRD New releases:

BBK002LP Pendulum – Hold Your Colour LP [Breakbeat Kaos]
NHS92 London Elektricity – The Strangest Secret In The World / Mustard Song [Hospital]
METH063 Beta 2 – Thing Is / Crystal Meth [Metalheadz]
TOV71 various – Here Comes Trouble Vol. 13 [Trouble on Vinyl]
a. Konsta – 24 Bronze Horse
b. Unknown Error – Exile
c. Final Reckoning – Ghosthacker
d. Dubality – Section 24
CIA026 State Of Mind – Sun King / The Human Torch [C.I.A.]
CI002 Macc / Polska – Drum Day (Beta 2 remix) / Hexplore [Counter Intelligence]
ZOMBIEUK003 Undisclosed – Hit And Run EP [Zombie]
ICOP3 various – Summer Triple 1 [Intercom]
a. Tommy Knocker – Hold On
b. Tommy Knocker – Soul On Your Side
c. Tommy Knocker – Dance
d. Tommy Knocker – Nuyorican Crush
e. Filibuster – Not Enough
f. Filibuster – Wanting You

ST Holdings New releases:
VIOLP001 Hive, Keaton, Echo & Gridlok – Welcome To The Violence LP [Violence]
a. Hive & Gridlok – Welcome To Violence
b. Hive, Keaton & Gridlok – California Schemin
c. Keaton & Gridlok – Stand Apart
d. Gridlok – Mass Transit
e. Hive & Keaton – Break the Cycle (feat. Gina Rene)
f. Hive, Keaton, Echo & Gridlok – Man Vs Machine
g. Hive, Keaton & Echo – Science (feat. Gina Rene)
h. Hive, Gridlok & Echo – Dead Planet
i. Hive, Keaton, Echo & Gridlok – Culture
j1. Hive & Keaton – Way of the Warrior
j2. Hive, Keaton, Echo & Gridlok – Exit Violence
BBS024 Datacyde / Pieter K – Social Skills (feat. Ill-esha) / It Could Have Been You (Polar remix) [Breakbeat Science]
BLIND006 Basic Operations – Methods / Crazy 8ths [Blindside]
CITRUS018 Sonic & Silver / USB – Paleface / Habitat [Citrus]
FORMREC2007 Syncopix & MTC Yaw – Ghostship / Sound Fi Dead (feat. Soultrain) [Form]

Pinnacle New releases:
VRS015 Ed Rush & Optical – Reece / Sicknote (Illskillz remix) [Virus]
MTRR015 X-Plorer & Dee Pulse – Silhouette / Déjà vu [Metro]
ONET12002X Nate James – Universal (Future Cut remixes) [Onetwo]

Nu Urban New releases:
NECKIN001 Fatal & Lynx – Neckin’ It / Lickin’ It [Neckin]
SGR007 Sketch & Code – Ghost (Phantasy & Shodan remix) / The Force [Solid Ground]
COSTCUTTERS001 Ray Keith – Clear The Dance remixes [Cost Cutters]
UTH002 A History of Urban Takeover Volume 2 [Urban Takeover]


SRD Promos (20th July):

NHS93 Q Project – My Name Is Q Project EP [Hospital]
BINGO032 Krust & Zinc – Again / New Territory [Bingo]
CIALTD008 Total Science – Going In Circles (Artificial Intelligence remix) / Kiss Chase (remix) [C.I.A.]
RRLP05 various – Renegades of Funk Vol. 4 [Renegade Recordings]
a. Junior Cartel – Elements of Dub (Makoto & Specialist remix)
b. X-Plorer – Doin’ It Right
c. Ikon – China Crash
d. Greg Packer – Devotion
e. Basic Operations – Havana
f. Natural – Reaching Out (Phobia remix)
WILD008 Lomax – Do We Fall (feat. Kubiks) / Impossible Dream (feat. BCee) [Wildstyle]
TRIBE033 Roughcut / Prime Mover – Shaolinz / Step Back [Tribe]

ST Holdings Promos:
AVA005 Chino – Winding Down / Copantl [Avalanche]
CRIT017 Young AX – Something Wonderful / Listen Up [Critical]
HZN003 Drifter (AKA Noisia) – Come True / Leloa [Horizons]
MAC014 Cool Hand Flex / Defcon 1 – Melody Madness (Fierce & Break remix) / Time Is The Fire (Heist remix) [Mac II]
OSR014 ASC – Drum Track 3 / Fresh [Offshore]
VUSTDJ300 Jin – Learn Chinese (DJ Hype, J Majik & Wickaman remix) / (Dub Mix) [Ruff Ryders]

Nu Urban Promos:
RPG010 Hazard – Use Your Brain / Selectah [Ganja]
EASYDJ035 various – The New Blood EP [Easy]
BOOTSHAKE003 Prime Mover – Star Wars / Bounty Killer [Bootshake]
PLAYSIDE004 Natural / Greg Packer – Rockaway / Feel Da Funk [Playside]
SHAKE008 The Force – Murder Sound / Unknown [Shakedown]
FLEXCL009 Ambisonics – Nyquest (original) / Nyquest (Unreleased VIP mix) [Flex Classics]
MVR002 High Rankin’ – Red Alert / Higher Plane / Guru [Molten Vinyl]

BBK002CD Pendulum – Hold Your Colour LP [Breakbeat Kaos]
ZIQ116CD Exile – Pro Agonist [Planet Mu]
FORMCD016 various – Powerplay – The Mix [Formation]
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