Promos / Releases w/c 17th April 2006


This is Dog Fort
VIP Junglist

METPLA006 A-Sides – Showstopper / Set It Off [Metalheadz Platinum]
BBLP2 Breakage – This Too Shall Pass [Bassbin]
a.Lead Me On
b.Morning Star
c.Ruff Dub
d.Losing Track
e.Untitled Jungle
BINGO044 Eksman – Roll Slow / Blap Blap Blap [Bingo]
RR67 various – Soul Food Part 3 [Renegade Recordings]
a.Verse – West Wind
b.Deep Inc. – Accord
c.Phobia – Sun Rising
d.Noah D & No Thing – Love Drop
TOV78 various – Unfinished Business EP [Trouble On Vinyl]
a.Audio Unit – Aztek Brownies
b.Jay Jay & Mark C – Psychic Chaos
c.Rico – Fight Scenes
d.Smokesta – Thunder

ST Holdings
BRIG005 D Kay & DJ Lee – Desire / How Much Does It Take [Brigand]
CRIT022 Bungle – Too Late / Human Poison [Critical]
DFUNKD026 Ste.Luce – Remember / Supernatural [Defunked]
RL009 Chris Su, Optiv & Axiom / Mindscape – Soulcube / Closer 2 The Edge [Red Light]
SEX00 Dancing Djedi / Rick Rush – Love Taking Over / Breaks In The City [Sex]

Nu Urban
CARD002 Nightwalker – Minge Fringe / Dreams [Card Series]
FLATLINELTD001 Mosh [Stakka & Skinny] – 94 Degrees / Propella [Flatline]
OG002 Equilibrium – Cold Blooded (John Rolodex remix) / (Original Mix) [O.G.]
ROCKERS003 Skoobz – Keep On (Original / Version) [Rockers Dubs]
ROOTS001 Unknown – Brother & Sister / I Try [Roots]

SENSOR006 Greg Packer – Right Here / Heard About It [Sensor]
VBZ032 Youngaxe / Submorphonics – In The Groove / Make It [Vibez]
ADV010 DJ Sappo vs Bassman / DJ Sappo vs Devize & 3D Mode – Selection Dark / Ryde or Dye (remix) [Advisory]

SBOY003 Benny Page / Visionary – Turn The Lights Down / Soundboy Burial [Soundboy]
NHS105 Q Project – Computer Love EP [Hospital]
a.Computer Love
b.Silicon Mistress
c.Language Barrier
d.Roy & Lisa’s
VRECSUK011 Dave Angel – Rotation (DJ Marky & XRS remix) / Brothers (XRS remix) [V Recordings]
BINGO042 A-Sides – Inspiration / Reunions [Bingo]
METPLA005 Ill Logic & Raf – White Noise EP [Metalheadz Platinum]
a.Art & Illusion
b.Inside Out
c.The Republic
TGN012 Basic Operations – Revolution / Vintage Elecktric [Tangent]
WAR014 2DB – Tequilla Slammer / Legacy [Worldwide Audio]
SUBASICS02 DJ Spice – Death Wish / 2 Dem [Subbasics]
CI003 Alpha Omega – 10 Faces Of Death / Discard The Truth [Counter Intelligence]

ST Holdings
MRL004 Mr L – This Is Hardcore / Voices In My Dreams [Mr L]
P51UK09 The Upbeats – Ghobi Ghost (feat. Teknik) / Stick Together [Project 51]
SIG008 Calibre – Late Night Squeeze EP [Signature]
a.Late Night Squeeze (STCal)
b.Brit Flick
c.Filter Tune
d.Still (with Zero Tolerance)

Nu Urban
ELPC005 DK8 – Murder Was The Bass (Raiden remix) / (Original Techno Track) [ELP Collective]
HB008 MC Shabba D – Music Louder / Streets [Highly Blessed]
INV010 The Invaderz – Run Deep / From My Soul [Invaderz]
JD002 CLS & Wax / Souldrop – Sometimes / Monsoon [Jerona Dubs]
LOC010 Interface – Visual Sensors / No More Ghosts (Nightwalker remix) [Lockdown]
SKY008 Skynet – Reincarnate / Glory Boyz [Skynet]

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TIP020 Technical Itch – Raised By Evil / Demon [Penetration]
SENSOR005 Subverse – Moving On / Burn [Sensor]
NEM005 Dirty Deeds & Toxic / Rhythm Beater & T.I. – Cannon Ball / Insbrook [Nemesis]

RRLP06CD various – Soul Food (2xCD) [Renegade Recordings]
CD1: Mixed by Basic Operations
CD2: Unmixed

ST Holdings
720NUCD002 Blame – The Turning Point [720 Degrees]