Promos / Releases w/c 10th April 2006


This is Dog Fort
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CIALP004 Total Science – Mars Needs Total Science [C.I.A.]
a. Magic Touch
b. Worldwide Connect feat. DJ Craze
c. Be My Twin
d. Punisher (Futurebound & Entity remix)
RH76 Phobia – All Points North EP [Renegade Hardware]
a. All Points North
b. Creep
c. The Messenger
d. Warlock (DJ Friction remix)
NHS106 Future Sound Of Cambridge [Hospital]
a. The Cambridge Four (Nu:Tone/Logistics/Commix) – When Pilots Eject
b. Nu:Tone – Boy Who Lost His Smile
c. Logistics – Never Ending Story
d. Commix – Scarlet
DCOM019 Kryptic Minds & Leon Switch / Unknown Error – More Like You (remix) / Flip Funk [Defcom]
PASA025 Aquasky & Spyda – Time Up [Passenger]
PASA025R Aquasky & Spyda – Time Up (Drumsound & Simon Bassline Smith remix) / (Rennie Pilgrem remix) [Passenger]

ST Holdings
3DMODE009 Devize / Cru Memba – It Begins At The End / Unbeatable Master [3D Mode]
CITRUS022 Desimal – Hyperboria / Arcana [Citrus]
FF005 Phace & Nphect / Nphect & Dizplay – Confront / Brute Force [Full Force]
SUICIDELP005 Amit – Never Ending LP [Commercial Suicide]
a. Unholy (with Outrage)
b. Dirt Box
c. Immortal
d. I’ll Hunt You
e. Too Many Freedoms
f. Swastika
SUBTITLES050PT2 various – Subtitles 50 Part 2 [Subtitles]
a. Chris Su – Solaris VIP
b. Brooklyn – With All My Heart
c. Commix – Libra
d. Hidden Agenda – Episode
VIO018 Hive & Gridlok – Standing Room Only (feat. D-Bridge, Break & Silent Witness) / Event Horizon (feat. Calyx) [Violence]
VPR006CBPT3 DJ Probe & Sylo / Futurebound & Entity – Circuit Breakers Part 3: Dreadnaught / Gangsta Jazz [Viper]

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DEAD006 Jay Jay & Mark C – Forward Thinking / Music 20 20 [Deadly]
OBSCENE012 Tetradin – Am God / Basic Operations (Tetradin remix) [Obscene]
NU12029 Kubiks & Lomax – Oop Hole / Acuzzi 9mm [Nu Directions]
HBT014 The Chosen – Adversity / He Mole [Habit]

Nu Urban
GAIN025 Harm – Scary (Original / Audio & Mackie remix) [Gain]
PRG003 Mutt / Skitty – Salt / Rickets [Progress]
PROPO011 Generation Dub – Dr Strangelove / Touch Me [Propaganda]
SPEAR005 Danny Byrd – Rise Again / Control Freak [Spearhead]
THZON001 Beyond The Horizon – Turn It Up / Voltron [Thzon]
URBTAKE051 Dangerous – Duberation / Desert Eagle [Urban Takeover]

NHS104 Logistics – Blackout / Bounce [Hospital]
NHS104P Logistics – Blackout / Krusty Bass Rinser [Hospital]
GRIDUK009 Twisted Individual – Swan Cake / Bollock Yoghurt (Generation Dub remix) [Grid]
RHTLD02 various – Hardware Limited 02 [Renegade Hardware]
a. Dom & Roland – Trauma (Psidream remix)
b. Loxy – Jinnel Killa (Perpetuum remix)
c. Vicious Circle – Doomtrain (Optiv remix)
d. Gremlinz – Gateway VIP
CINNA001 DJ Marky & XRS vs Total Science: Battle Mix Vol. 1 [C.I.A. / Innerground]
ZIQ136 Sileni – Cold Sweat / Maybe We’ll Stay [Planet Mu]
TITIES001 John ‘Booty’ B – Ass ‘n’ Titties / Whoomp! (John B Mashup Mixes) [Tities]
RR65 Basic Operations – Southern Lights / Back 2 Soul [Renegade Recordings]
TOV77 Redeyes / Cooh – Rivers of Dub / Remaker [Trouble On Vinyl]
EMF2059 DJ Andy & Mikrob / Drumajik – Mainline / Funk Dog [Emotif]

ST Holdings
CAMINO12002 ASC & Motion / Greenfly – Switch Blade / Neural Net [Camino Blue]
DISTURBD007 Corrupt Souls – Skyclad / 01 Sentinel [Disturbed]
VSN002 Noisia & Teebee / Noisia, Mayhem & Verse – Lost Cause / Choke [Vision]
IND024 various – Powder To The People EP [Industry]
a. Genetics – Extinction
b. EBK – Powder People
c. EBK & Prolix – Vacuum
d. Cortex – Rupture

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VBZ031 Syncopix / Pacific – The Seed / Stray Light Run [Vibez]
DEAD005 Callide – Feather Duster / Mooshoo [Deadly]
SSTH001 Current Value / Kid Kryptic – Anti Citizen / Foreign Skin [Soothsayer vs Theortic]
OBSCENE011 SPL – The Becoming / Black Solstice [Obscene]
NU12028 Basic Operations – Soul Hold / French Quarter [Nu Directions]
HBT013 Blak Flag / Vector Burn – The Riot / Desolation Angels [Habit]

Nu Urban
CALYPSO001 Heist – Pigs In Blankets / Checkout [Calypso]
CYMBLTD004 Infiltrata / Silver – Guerilla Tactics / Alrighty Then [Cybalism Limited]
MSR004 Konsta / Physics – You Are The One / Minds Elevation (feat. MC Coppa) [Midnight Sun]
PRG002 Duo Infernale – Midnight / The Enlightenment [Progress]
PROPO010 Taxman – Jungle Juice / Crash [Propaganda]
SHAKE009 Mickey Finn & Majistrate – Killing Game / Fabios Groove [Shakedown]
UD001 Brockie & Ed Solo – Reprasent / Showdown [Undiluted]


Laughter in the Slaughter
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This is gotta be my fave release this week? Doubt i will be quick enough to snag a promo...any idea on the ETA for full release?

VIO018 Hive & Gridlok – Standing Room Only (feat. D-Bridge, Break & Silent Witness) / Event Horizon (feat. Calyx) [Violence]

Dj SmurFiE

Tha Muffin men crew
im a bit pissed off at the logistics release, why are they being gay and having different b sides for, what is, essentially the same release? basically i gota pay a fiver for 1 tune =/