Promos and Releases today/tomorrow 8th/9th August


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Dec 3, 2001
Kingz Lyn, UK
Shy FX "Wolf (Dillinja Remix) 1 sided test press" - Ebony Dubs

Total Science "Rated X/Good Inside/Eastern Promise/Starburst" - CIA

Klute "Part Of Me" - Hospital Records

60 Minute Man And Dj Touch "Give It Up Ep" - Intercom

Genotype "Crazy Dayz / September" - Reinforced

Anyone know of any more?


This is Dog Fort
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Nov 29, 2001
klusta said:
yep, least its helping me kerb my vinyl addiction

Hehe yeah, I am well skint till I get paid. So I reaaal happy about today :D


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Dec 3, 2001
Kingz Lyn, UK
New Releases:

Peshay 'Satisfy My Love/Miles From Home Rmx' [Cubik]
Peshay 'Satisfy My Love Rmx/House Sound' [Cubik]
Sonic & Silver 'On the Anson/In To the Light' [Metalheadz]
Mathematics 'Fantasy/Second Chance' [Frontline]
Naphta 'One Squeeze/Out of Time' [Bassbin]
Mampi Swift 'Depth Charge EP' [Charge]
Tommy Knocker [EZ Rollers Rmx] 'All for Love Rmx/What I Dream'
Kariya [Stakka & Skynet Rmx] 'Let me Love You for Tonight' [Retro]
Gridlock [Dylan Rmx] 'Relapse [2 Mixes]' [Sudden Def]
DJ Damage 'Serial Killer/Big Boss' [Spektrum Audio]
Tweet [L Double Rmx] 'Oops' [white]
Future Sound of London 'Papa New Guinea Rmx/Unknown' [white]
B-Boy 3000 'Hannibal/Oh My God [Clear Smoke Vinyl]' [N2O]
General Malice 'Vigilante/Plantinum' [Big Cat Records]
General Malice 'Jah Kingdom Rise/Blaze de Chalwa' [Big Cat Records]


Blazing Squad [Origin Unknown] 'Standard Flow' [unknown]
Seba 'Neophunk (ft Aaron Phiri)' [Idioma]
Beta 2 & Zero Tolerance 'Forgotten/Break Even' [Bassbin]
Bulletproof 'Electric Dreams/Smokescreen' [Cyanide]
Kryptic Minds 'Covert/Morphology' [Defcom]
V/A 'Aspect/Perspective EP' [Aspect/Perspective]
Elementz of Noize 'Clock/Guided by Lights' [Emotif]
Capital J 'Bumbaclot!' [Capital J]
Infiltrata 'On the DL/Flashback' [Sunset Pressings]
A-Men 'Give it Up' [white]
Unknown 'Natural Kauses' [Freeburning]
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