Promos (17/18 October)


This is Dog Fort
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Nov 29, 2001
DJ SS "Jazz+Bass Sessions 4 EP Pt 1" 'DJ SS 'Funktion', Influx Datum 'Village', Zen 'Discotech', John B 'Summertime' - New Identity Recordings

John B "American Girls" - NU Electro Recordings

Facs and Scythe "Polyglot/Evp" - Biotic

High Contrast "Music Is Everything Remixs, Influx Datum & Danny Byrd" - Hospital Records

JB and Pugs "So Good/Razor Blade"- Back 2 Basics

Sketch and Code "Fear No Evil/Whatever" - Emotif

Dagga "Frontier Town" - Tribe

boh :)


This is Dog Fort
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Nov 29, 2001
i got the list off wayne@uniqueinternational :)

so i dunno, hehe!


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Dec 3, 2001
Kingz Lyn, UK
New Releases

Pieter K 'Everything All the Time' CD/LP [Breakbeat Science]
Dillinja 'Twist Em' Out/Kids Stuff' [Renegade Hardware]
J Majik 'Lizard Rmx/Apex' [Infrared]
Jonny L 'Synchronize/Phreak' [Metalheadz]
Chris Su & SKC/SKC 'Blackout/Lobotomy [Part 2 of the Spy
Technologies] [DSCI4] :slayer:
Drumsound & Simon Bassline 'Annihilate/Ants Nest' [Technique]
Tommy Knocker 'Stand Up/What you Need' [Intercom]
The Outfit 'Cover Girl/Love' [Hard Leaders]
Kemal & Sinthetix 'Creature' [Cryptic Audio] :slayer:
Spirit 'On Edge' [Inneractive]
Undercover Agent [Majistrate Rmx] 'Dubplate Circles Rmx/Inside'
Black Sun Empire 'Vessel/Fragment' [A New Dawn]
Focus [Shy FX] 'Things You Do' [Global Thang]
Skeptic [A-Sides Rmx] 'Tear VIP/101 Beats' [East Side]
V/A 'Crowd Control CD mixed by Alley Cat' [Skunkrock]


V/A ft MIST/Right Now/Marky/D Kay 'Lover/Sonic/Closer/Balearic
Dreams' [Soulr] :slayer:
John B 'Dream On/Rendez vous' [Beta][Exclusive- Never to be
Mathematics 'Styles for Miles/Motion Lotion' [Subtronix]
Modern Movez 'Backlash/Kaos Theory' [Modern Movez]
Psidream 'Refraction/Quiver' [Nerve] :slayer:
Delta & Format 'Black & White/Rain' [Blue Box]

All there's some tp's on anniliate rec (Italian bc style outfit) and a new moving shadow label - Shadow Cryptic kickin bout
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