Promo Restocks @ Phase Records...

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    YO YO!

    We just restocked on these promos. Get them while you can...

    This weeks new releases will follow shortly...

    Phase Records

    Artist: Outrage
    Title: Patients / Rebel
    Label: Metalheadz

    Artist: Various Artists
    Title: Deep Sound EP
    Label: New Identity

    Artist: John B Vs Marilyn Manson / NIN
    Title: New Shit / Closer
    Label: Rockgod

    Artist: Juju
    Title: Cool Down / Resting Place
    Label: Phuturo

    Artist: Various Artists
    Title: Knights Of The MC's
    Label: Times Two

    Artist: Various Artists
    Title: Blackout Vol 1
    Label: Defcom

    Artist: Austin
    Title: I Get High / Unity & Dub
    Label: Suburban Base

    Artist: Signs of the Zodiac
    Title: Sagittarius
    Label: Signs

    Artist: Rising Sun
    Title: Well Well / Sym 4
    Label: Mac II

    Artist: Defcon 1
    Title: Time Is The Fire (A-Sides Rmx)
    Label: MacII

    Artist: Facs & Scythe
    Title: Jinx / Funky
    Label: Biotic Records

    Artist: AJC
    Title: What U Like / Sticks & Stones
    Label: Renegade Recordings

    Artist: Serious Intent / Certain Criteria
    Title: Detune / Ras Clart
    Label: Formula Music

    Artist: Stranjah
    Title: Runiz / Red Desert
    Label: 31 Records

    Artist: Audio and Wildchild
    Title: Cyberdine
    Label: Wildstyle