Progress Line - 12 April 2013

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    Progress Line last season's edition: Timeless LIVE - 1st time in UK!

    10pm Friday 12 April 2013 until 8am Saturday 13 April 2013!

    @ The Cave Gallery
    Unit 15, 98 Victoria Road, NW10 6NB London

    So guys we're at the last season's edition of Progressline.
    We are bringing another headliner artist of the psyprog international scene supported from 2 top acts from London scene and the 3 usual suspect resident djs on Progressline.
    3 Live acts + 3 djsets to say a proper goodbye to everyone of you!!!

    ٠•●ૐ●•٠· LIVE ·٠•●ૐ●•٠·

    (Digital Nature - Israel)
    Timeless is Israeli producer Tal Aoude
    Tal was born in 1986 in Beer Sheva, Israel. Tal's first musical experience was at the age of 16 when he started to play drums and guitar. During this period he has discovered trance music.
    At the age of 21 he started to produce his own progressive trance material and perform in clubs and outdoor events.
    The project has started in 2010 (together with ex member Igal Yakubov), and has thus far produced many chart topping releases and EPs for many leading trance labels such as Digital Nature, Iono Music, Synergetic, Amplitudes and more.

    ▶▶ CIMI
    (Furthur Progression)
    CIMI's new sound is the kind of progressive trance played at underground clubs and squat parties in London - deep and driving, techy and atmospheric. In early 2009 he was signed to upcoming UK label Furthur Progressions.

    CIMI has been a work in progress for a few years now. It is the brainchild of MarcHello, London-based psytrance dj and producer of the full on project M-Theory (Alchemy Records)

    MarcHello started djing as soon as he arrived in town from Italy at the end of the Nineties and became involved in the underground party scene. Label dj for Etnicanet Records until 2004, he then moved to Neurobiotic and Free-Spirit Records while also acting as an event promoter, co-founder of the legendary Fairy Tales parties.

    His passion for digital production eventually gave birth to CIMI, a crossover project between full on and progressive psytrance. CIMI's first tracks appeared in compilations by Alchemy Records, Point Zero Records and Y.S.E.

    The project was put on hold until late 2008 while Marcello was focusing on M-Theory with his former partner Rob. Since establishing himself in the psytrance scene, he has been able to resume his work on CIMI too. Find his latest releases on Beatport

    ▶▶ SYSTEM E
    (Pink Elephant Records)
    System E is a Progressive Psychedelic trance act formed by Jessica B and Steve Morley.

    Both have already enjoyed considerable success in their musical careers in the field of Trance, Hard Dance, House and Hardcore. Steve Morley has been a record producer and DJ since 1992, and is a classically trained pianist and composer. Steve has a discography containing over 120 releases and countless remixes - on highly respected record labels. His love for Trance music saw him produce and play almost all the sub genres; and his affection for psychedelic music stems from the time he discovered Goa trance in the mid 90’s. Jessica B started producing and DJing in 2005 and instantly received recognition and praise for her first releases, which gained massive Radio 1 support. Not satisfied with being a producer and DJ, Jessica also co owns the Essential Recordings label - on which she has released her latest trance tracks.

    During her creative journey, Jessica discovered her love for psychedelic music and teamed up with Steve to form Cathar – their full on Psychedelic Trance group. They had so many more and different ideas and enjoyed their partnership so much that they felt it was time to express this through System E.

    ·٠•●ૐ●•٠· DJS·٠•●ૐ●•٠·

    ▶▶ MAYA



    ▶▶ NAHOJ
    (Nawarro Tribe)


    ★★ UV Deco ★★

    ★★ Powered by ★★

    ★★ Outdoor terrace ★★

    - £10 (+ commission fee) PRESALES

    Ticket shop:

    - £15 AT THE DOOR
    (Just show your ID at the door)


    Infolines: 07568052954