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    0 is proud to introduce the Program-crackers. This electronic duo balances sharp intricate beats by Dj Sheik-Mon with guitars and soundscapes by David Tagg. The program-crackers live performance is an analog, improvisational experience into various styles of electronic music. The live experience represents our commitment to diversity and to musical adaptation. Collectively, the duo has been playing music together for many years under various monikers before settling on this electronic experiment.

    This show was only the beginning, and we plan on expanding and creating much sounds and emotions on stage. The chow fades in on the end of on of my dj set. MY personal favorite tracks are 4 and 5, I look forward to you your comments.
    download the show at

    -thanks for your time.
    -Dj Sheik mon - mp3 D+B set up for download now at:
    Dj sheik mon live - Jan 31st Direct Drive NYC 10-11:30
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