Professional mastering (and mixing) for D&B and relevant styles


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Nov 22, 2011

▪️ mastering
: €45 per song. Includes digital masters – vinyl masters and Spotify versions on request for no extra charge. Batch discounts apply.
▪️ mixing + mastering from individual tracks: €50 hourly rate (email for a quote; most songs are done in approx. 1.5–3 hours) [aka "stem mastering"]
▪️ master + video: €90. "Attended mastering" video. Song is mastered + an explanatory video documenting the process is made. Song is compared to strong references. Any possible shortcomings of the mix are pointed out.
▪️ mix + master + video: €55 hourly rate – minimum charge €100. The song is mixed and mastered from tracks, and an explanatory video documenting the process is made.
▪️ general audio engineering consultation: €55 hourly rate (Skype/email)
▪️ feedback on a mix (no mixing/mastering): €30 EUR

[batch discounts always for albums; case-specific]
Just as any legal business, I am required by law to add VAT to the prices if 1) you’re a client in the EU and 2) are not VAT-registered.



I offer professional-level mastering as well as mixing for producers. 70% of what I do is masters, and the rest is mixes+masters.

I've been honing my expertise in sound since 1992, which is when I started making electronic music.
At some point, some years ago, I started offering my expertise to producers as I felt that'd be a relevant career direction, and that quickly became my job.
Now it's my only job, and I run a company for it in EU, and mixing and mastering pays for my living.

I specialize in electronic music and all its styles: bass music, DNB, dubstep, house, hip hop, etc.
The level of mastering I do pales to no bigger studio, and it's 100% comparable to the work of many of the bigger studios out there.
Quality-wise, loudness-wise, think Metalheadz, Exit, and other relevant labels.
I've lost count how many masters and/or mixes I've done in the past few years; probably 2+ thousand or so.

All work is done in a treated room using custom room-calibrated Genelec 8350 monitoring, Audeze LCD-X headphones, and software running state-of-the-art digital audio processing tools (many of them analog emulations of the highest degree).
My work is supported by Universal Audio, Slate Digital, Audeze, Izotope, and Melda Production.

I dare call myself an expert, and it's always been my guarantee that if you don't like what I do, I won't charge you a dime.
In the past five years, I've had less than 10 unhappy clients, and even those had to do with unrealistic expectations; that's something I've tried to become good at, and I'll let you know early on if we can't possibly go where we'd like to go with the mix/master.

More info:

Hear examples of before/after on Soundcloud.
Also notice that all the Soundcloud reposts on the page are handled yours truly, so please check the whole page instead of just the player.
See all the 5-star Facebook reviews.

I always give my clients tips on their mixes/production.
Do not contact me for free consultation.

Masters for vinyl provided on request – no charge.
Spotify loudness versions provided on request – no charge.
If you are in EU, VAT is added to prices.

I can provide before/after examples on request.


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Nov 22, 2011

SUPER STOKED about this: finally gained 100 recommendations from clients. 5-star ratings all the way. YESH!
I'm just happy that my clients around the world are happy about the sound…I always have the vibe that we work on the final result together. A good end result is often the result of a working relationship between the engineer and the producer.
I hope this can also work as encouragement to new clients.
Let's make bangers together!


Nov 9, 2017
this sounds really interesting --- esp. the "mix + master + video" offer.
is it possible you do the mixing session in Ableton Live10, record it and send the project file afterwards?


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Nov 22, 2011
this sounds really interesting --- esp. the "mix + master + video" offer.
is it possible you do the mixing session in Ableton Live10, record it and send the project file afterwards?

I work in Live 10, yes.
It's possible, kind of, yet limiting, as I'd only have to use Live's own plugins OR we'd have to share the same plugins.
Or, I can send the treated tracks with all the processing, of course.


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Nov 22, 2011

It's been an amazing, amazing year…the best year for me yet. The work queue has never stopped, and I've been a busy bee 365 247. That's why I'll throw out this crazy mastering deal for a few days and want to absolutely drown myself in work before kicking off a very, very well-deserved holiday around mid-Dec.

Offer lasts till Wed 28. Mention this deal when contacting me to get the discounted price.
Song(s) eligible for the deal must be submitted by the end of Wed 28 (GMT +2).
Offer not valid for previous arrangements.
Offer is only for mastering (from a stereo bounce) – not for mixing (from tracks).

Contact only via email:

Local VAT is added to EU clients.


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Nov 22, 2011
A few hundred songs mastered and/or mixed this year. Feels good to have become a service that producers can trust.
Thanks to everybody who rocked with me in 2018!
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