ProductionSeminar with Joe Ford : Rockwell : Dotproduct - Now booking!

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Jun 25, 2010
The Annual Digital Labz Seminar is now open for public bookings!


It's very exciting to now be able to announce the next seminar...
Our 8th annual meeting is confirmed and the date is set for 1st October.
We have to say this next lineup is pretty special!
To get the most out of the opportunity of learning from Rockwell, Joe Ford and Dotproduct we are re-structuring the day so each artist gets longer to talk so they can really go in deep on the details - with no pressure on time :)

We're hyped for this one and can't wait to put on a superb day for you, It's going to be the perfect way to round off the summer of festivals and fresh music. We really look forward to meeting you down there for a great meeting of like-minds, ideas and inspiration!
Topics on the day:

- Advanced Sound Design
- Club Mixdown advice
- Musical Ideas & techniques
- Arrangement tips
- Industry advice
- Sampling methods
- Drum Production
- Bass Creation
- Secret weapon Vst's

Designed to be your next big eureka moment as you discover some ideas you never even knew existed...
We're inviting you to come along and watch it take place LIVE, months before any footage is made available. Give your inspirations a massive boost this Autumn, sit back and enjoy!

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