Production Essentials And Basics


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Thinking Of Starting Out Producing???

Heres What Youll Need.

A DAW (Digital Audio Workstation)

Cubase, Fruityloops, Reason, Logic, Ableton and so on.
You can get free alternatives to these programmes and you can find them on this thread :

A DAW is used for creating your music. They usually come with plugins to generate sounds and effects. They are the main tool for your music making and if u ent got one u ent got much chance lol.


A Good Audio Interface

This is what you will connect your monitors too. You can either get audio interfaces in,

and i think midi


Some Monitor Speakers

These are used for mixing down and mastering of your project. They let you hear a bigger range of frequencies than normal speakers and hey let you know how your music ACTUALLY sounds. (also known as truth speakers)


A midi keyboard/controller

This is used to control your DAW software and also create melodies, basslines and so on. Its basically the same as a normal keyboard except they link to your daw and record the keys you play through midi.

this is not an essential but it will make producing alot lot easier.


some vst's if your using a prog that uses them.

u can get alot of good free ones from kvr audio. search it on google man.
also remember vsti is an instrumen and vst is an effect ;)


I cant think of anything else yet. Feel free to add to this as you please.

Also any chance of this being a sticky? i seen alot of posts from people asking what they need to start out. Will save going over it time and time again.

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The Cubase Man
lolz. nah i don think u can either after looking a bit lol.

yeah i wish sum1 had made this list for me too. when i first started out there was me thinking i needed like a proper analogue studio setup aswell as a daw. didn realise that ^^ was all i needed to do digital music. i woulda saved me alot of time finding out lol


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Bit confused perhaps - MIDI isn't audio (it's just a list of instructions) so you wouldn't find an interface that connected to your computer through a MIDI cable/port - it's impossible.

You can however of course get USB/Firewire/PCI interfaces with MIDI ins/outs on.