Production Competition: Phace - Hot Rock


My name is Jago (HYQXYZ)
All info to be found here!



the competition starts today February 11th with the official re-release of the LP.

the deadline to submit your remix entry is March 7th (Phace’s birthday!). later entries will not be accepted!

you can download the respective remix parts including MP3′s from the original and VIP version of Phace’s “Hot Rock” right here:

feel absolutely free to use (or not), vary, substitute, modify or abuse any of these audio files (or simply add your own sounds) for your remix. also feel free to choose any style, genre or tempo for the remix you would like to enter the competition with. all that matters is that you can hear a clear connection/interpretation of the original track and that you give the best you can :]

to submit your remix simply send it to the PSYCHO re-release dedicated SoundCloud DropBox till March 7th latest:

when submitting your remix please make sure to title your entry properly and also include your email address so we can get back in touch!

the best remix entry will then be picked by Phace and Misanthrop and will be announced end of March. the picked remix will get an official feature and will be available for free download exclusively through our webpage. the winner can also choose a free merchandise article from our webpage-shop.

sounds fun? we look forward to the remix you come up with!