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All Producers Check This.

This is an opportunity to get you track on one of the worlds leading drum and bass internet streams.


Kunnimindz streams worldwide and has well over 300,000 hits daily and is expanding day by day, thats around 3 million a month! yes 3 million. Boasting shows and appearances from the likes of -

- Jumping Jack Frost
- Simon Bassline Smith & Drumsound - Every other Wednesday Techinique Recordings
- Nero - regular appearences on the Formation Show
- Zen
- APB - show every week
- Vital Elements
- Raiden - regular appearences on kunninmindz
- Rascal & Klone - regular shows on kunninmindz
- Dope Ammo
- Altern8 - recently back on weekly 4 kunninmindz
- Reckless - weekly show - Innovation
- Skibba
- Shabba D
- Fatman D
- Ecksman

Onto The Competition.

What The Winner Gets?

All tracks will be listened to by a panel Dj's & Producers, there will be 4 runners up whos track will also have air time but not for aslong as the winning track. The winner's track will also be posted on the site and on various forums. A sample of their track will be available to check out with contact details to the Artist.


The Prizes -

1st Prize will get - 3 months streaming On Kunninmindz!!!.

2nd Prize will get - 1 months streaming on kunninmindz!!!.

3rd Prize will get - 3 weeks streaming on kunninmindz!!!.

4th Prize will get - 1 weeks streaming on kunninmindz!!!.

The track that is voted the best will have a 30sec sample of there track on the stream every 2 hours or everytime a listener connects or re-connects to the stream. This will happen for more than every hour of every day as everytime somebody connects or a change of shows takes place. This could be for weeks or even months depending on where your track finishes.

Your Track.

To ensure you have the best chance of winning select your best track and prepare to do some wild things with a jingle of Dj's N Mc's and Record Labels. You must edit/mix this jingle into your track which you will have until 19th May to complete. When you have finished your track - you must then send it in to
kunninmindz and then all results will be released a week after the competition ends.

What u need to do.

-You need to first sort yourself a track out
-visit the forums and register to access the post (will be clearly visable)
-Download the jingle which will be mp3 format
-Get creating and do your magic
-Send your track into along with contact details, name, age, length producing, and a little bit about yourself, and a picture of yourself.
-You will then recieve a email of confirmation and big ups.
-the email to send in your tracks will be open tomorrow 24th march and close 19th May 2006
-the results will be posted on the forums and emails will be send

And remember theres no such thing as a bad track! this is an opportunity to get your track streamed worldwide to one of the biggest sites in drum and bass - check out the site & meet the Dj's n MC's whist locked for some quality shows - lock in and lock on to kunninmindz dot com.

Hope to soon be hearing ur tracks. and all the best.

C.I.D & Mindz


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soundwaveuk said:
Ive searched the forum but cant find your download that needs to be included in the
tune. could you point me in the right
direction. cheers
yes m8 for sure - u need to register in the site and it will appear in the forum section.

registering takes only a few miutes. not long now! sorry for late reply;)