Producing D&B Tunes...HELP!


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So basically...i want to start creating my own drum & bass tunes, i thought it was as simple as making beans on toast...apparently not.
i have absolutely no idea about this sort of thing so i was hoping someone could help me!!

i've got "Cubase SX 3", it looks bloody confusing, how do i get the drum patterns and start creating my tunes? do they come with the software? or do i have to make the beat from scratch?

i also dont understand all this reference to 'midi'

a quick sum up of everything i need to know would be much appriciated! in fact...any sort of advice will be useful!

i've also got "Reason" currently in the post to me aswell, is this good?


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a quick sum up of everything i need to know would be much appriciated!
Not possible, too much to tell.

My first search of google returned many reason tutorials and guides. Use them. Peeps have been producing for years to get the knicks and knacks of it all and are ready to help but not like this when you ask the world. ($$$)


edit: oh also youtube has video tutorials, very handy.
My advice would be to start off using Reason as it is quite easy to use when you are starting off.You can use the loops in it when you are starting as they are quite good(although you wont want to use them for long as anybody can spot them a mile off).Try doing a search for Refills on the net(160db and 260DB dRUM N bASS iNTERFACE ONES ARE VERY GOOD).I have loads of different refills(including my own ones).
Then I would advise learning to use the synths well as this will be the basis for your tunes.There are loads of good tutorials on the net.If you have a genuine copy of Reason then you can go to the proppellerheads website and use their tutorials,as these are excellent.If not youtube has some good ones.Learning synthesis will be the most important thing you can do,as,if you learn it on Reason it will give an insight in to how to use hardware synths,a lot of which are very similar to their software counterparts.Step sequencing your beats is trcksy at first,but once you master it it is a very good thing to be able to do(Personally I still use loops,but not the ones on the Reason sound bank,and I cut them up to fuck)
Live drums are good to use for step sequencing as they give the tune a very nice "natural"sound.I can send you a CD with my favourite Refills on it if you like,just send me a personal message and Ill post them out to you
i also dont understand all this reference to 'midi'
musical instrument digital interface...
its a standard language for instruments to communicate with
each other....
the information can be recorded to record a performance...

find some nice samples.....
thats the big one.... layer some breaks....
all about sampling really.....
take some time to learn your sequencer to...


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The best way to start, is to play with every thing! remember wat your pressing,you carnt realy damage it so just faff on with it untill you find the way.I havnt got cubase i hav acid but theres not that much dif
I would probably recommend going to some kind of masterclass like david carbones masterclass.
Drum & bass is very technical music.Before attempting to produce any form of dance music, you need to know some kind of theory so possibly take up a music production course.There are over 100 courses available in the u.k.
Midi can be a technical as you want it to be.
Midi means musical instrument digital interface.Midi is not sound , it is a signal used to trigger Midi instruments.
I would probably reccomend, to get a copy of proppelor heads recycle.This program is used to slice up individual hits which are used in a drumloop (break).Learn about slicing up loops and the individual fundamental of the break.
1.Kick drum
2.shuffles (percussion/ hi hats)

After slicing up the loops, save them as rex files(recycle files)
then put them into a software samplerlike NI kontakt or Halion
and map them to the keys on the digital keyboard , within the sampler.Once you have done this Draw in a midi region and go into the matrix editor.The matrix editor is a editing screen where you can re-program your drums or any instruments.You
need to convert samples into instruments.If this sounds a bit too technical, get a copy of fruity loops and play about with making 1 bar loops.My advise is if you do not understand or have a basic knowledge of what to do, go on a music production course.This way you will have a basic understanding and when it comes to using your software you won't just be moving a few knobs or pressing buttons and not get anywhere.It won't happen in a few months or overnight.I have been writing drum&bass tracks for the last 8 years and have only just become a professional and been signed.hope this helps.
dude, if you're using cubase there's no need for recycle, you can chops breaks easier and faster in cubase.
best things to do are:
*as sook said, getting your hands on good samples is key. All you need is a shitload of breaks, highly recommend many of those funk breaks packs on here and DOA. Some good single hit kicks and snares, and yes, start layering them.
*Get a decent synth, anything by NI, so absynth/reaktor/massive are great for synths. or if you feel obliged, grab some hardware...
*Get Kontakt 2 or Emulator X (you'll need an emu soundcard for emux though)
*get/make some good fx/whooshes/atmos sounds, quite often it's these sounds that make the difference between an ok track and something releasable
*Read as much as you can about engineering and music theory
*and most of all: devote as much time as is humanly possible to perfecting your art, which means staying up til 3 even though you may have to get up for work at 7, it just needs to be done, good art doesn't come around without suffering, patience and tenacity
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All producers have their own production tools & techniques

A good producer will explore every available avenue and stretch it to its limits.

I would recommend a FREE program called ModPlug

What They say:
The MODPlug Tracker is free, powerful software that enables you to easily create music on your Windows-based PC using instruments freely available on the internet.
I say
And them some!!
Basically you do not need any hardware, all you need is a brain, imagination & determination to bend the rules savvy!

This program allows you to import samples & even effects plugins

I can tell you that D&B Artist NDE produced Agents (Hackerz Score) on this set up