Producers from BBK, Formation, Charge, Signal etc forming a new label!


Aug 11, 2004
Philosophy Recordings takes artists from Breakbeat Kaos, Charge Records, Formation, Signal etc and brings you the biggest Drum & Bass and Drumstep smash hits under one umbrella.

The artists:

Sygo, 50% of the S.M.O.K.E. collective shows what he can do in his solo debut single "The Green Hornet", being played by respected dj's wordwide right now. The flipside "Fight Night" is a synth driven stormer that knocks the air out of your chest with its relentless drop. In 2012 we have his collaboration with Kiara from "Lowpitch" called "Chips are down" which will also feature a banging dubstep mix.

Dj Panik, who won the Breakbeat Kaos remix contest teams up with Yox to bring you "Never Wanna Lose You", an electro-like liquid roller with sidechained synth running like a red wire thoughout the song.

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