producers block on track intro < advice appreciated

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    I've written a liquidy style intro to a tune with a basic start. I've finally done it all in midi including the drums and the drum roll is sounding ok using battery 3. I have all the other NI instruments to hand too. I'm just completely stumped as to what to do next. I tend to get stuck in chord progressions.

    Any creative tips of where I should take the song or what to bring in much appreciated.

    Do I go for a quiet section then build up to bassy drop?
    Keep the bass low and keep it steady and flowing?
    Keep the same chord progression throughout or change it?
    Bring in synth instruments or keep them natural sounding?

    Thx a bunch
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    is it me or is that clipping?

    nonetheless, id say build up the drums and bring in a smooth, rolling bassline, repeating the chords over it and keep the change for the breakdown.

    drums could need some work too. sounds nice tho!