Produce dnb? Wanna hear your track played LIVE??

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    Aug 3, 2004
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    Produce drum n bass?
    Wanna hear your track played live?

    I play for the leading drum n bass internet radio station WWW.KUNNINMINDZ.COM and am currently running an on going competition ..

    If you produce your own dnb and think its at a standard worthy of being played live, why not put it to the test..

    Simply send me an email with your tune attached (as mp3) along with your dj/producer name and track title. I will be choosing the best five received each week and playing them LIVE on our sunday show.
    You will see the reaction your tune gets from listners around the world on or live shout box and chat room.
    You will also receive an email if your track is being played so you know when to lock in if you want to hear it.

    Good luck!

    Email your tunes and ID HERE !!