problem with massive patches


Mar 27, 2008
ok so i got some massive patches from another forum i wanted to hear, i knew what they were going to sound like...

anyway i load the file in massive and when i go to piano roll, when i lay down the note it playes how it should sound, but then when i press play at the top it sounds not how it should?

maybe a different version of massive is needed? the patches load fine with no errors ?!?!?!?!?!


i had that problem, not just with patches, but in general. when u press play it doenst play any of the effects or filters u have added to massive, it just playes the tone u made. keep clicking massive and fl , n it should sort itself out.
It might be that you've adjusted note fine tune in the piano roll. Select to view "note fine tune" or something similiar from the menu where you can change what you see in the velocity grid. Adjust it to 0, the middle position.
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